Tetra Pak specialises in complete solutions for processing, packaging and distributing food products.

Tetra Pak specialises in complete solutions for processing, packaging and distributing food products.

Processing equipment for dairy, cheese and ice cream

Tetra Pak has a range of cost-effective products designed to minimise the use of raw materials and energy during the manufacturing process and distribution.

Tetra Pak Processing System offers complete solutions and processing equipment for dairy, cheese, ice cream, beverages and prepared food.

Core technologies focus on areas of ultra-high temperature processing (UHT) treatment, pasteurisation, blending, dosing, extraction, buffering, mixing, homogenisation and separation.

The company also provides heat exchangers, cleaning-in-place, membrane filtration, carbonisation, sugar treatment, dissolving, powder handling, evaporation, plant components, spray drying, standardisation and automation.

Food hygiene and safety solutions

Product safety is necessary to ensure the health of consumers and the reputation of the brand.

All equipment by Tetra Pak Processing System is designed for use in the food industry, with the highest hygiene standards. The materials used have been developed and certified for food contact.

Tetra Pak makes food safe and available everywhere, and allows its customers to share nutritious products worldwide.

Automated production for the food industry

With more than 60 years of experience, Tetra Pak creates solutions that match customers’ needs and industry standards for food safety and quality.

The company delivers innovative individual processing units and customised, automated production solutions. By boosting efficiency, Tetra Pak reduces costs and the environmental impact by consumers.

With a strong focus on the food sector, the company delivers more than 20-30 food processing related patents every year and has introduced new technologies, including product traceability.

Tetra Pak’s advanced plant automation reduces human error and increases food safety, which is supported by technical support over the lifetime of the product.

Reduce environmental impact and save energy

Tetra Pak designs and develops processing and packaging solutions to reduce product loss, as well as the use of water and energy.

The organisation helps customers save money and reduce the strain on fresh water resources by decreasing consumption, CO2 emissions and operational costs through lower energy consumption, raw material and sewage treatment.

Customers at Tetra Pak receive regular equipment upgrades, new service products, automation software and product development.

Reliable local service engineers offer front line support and a team of global experts are available.

About Tetra Pak Processing System

Tetra Pak Processing System has 4,900 employees based in 32 market companies, 17 technical training centres and ten product development centres worldwide.

The company has 69,900 processing units in operation.