KSB is a worldwide leading manufacturer of pumps and valves that are used in applications where liquids need to be transported or reliably shut off. KSB Service ensures the availability and energy-efficient operation of plants.

The range of KSB pumps covers everything from domestic rainwater harvesting to process engineering to large power stations. KSB valves are available for many applications in various designs, sizes and materials.

From extreme temperatures to high pressure ranges to abrasive, corrosive or solids-laden fluids, KSB products are equipped to meet virtually every requirement. With production plants, sales offices and agents as well as service centres in more than 100 countries, KSB is always close to its customers.

Pumps for handling food and beverages

Any product used in the food and beverage industry needs to satisfy the highest standards of hygiene. At the same time, the gentle handling of liquids and highly viscous fluids is an important quality criterion. High-quality materials suitable for hygienic applications, CIP and SIP capabilities make KSB pumps and valves the key components of any sterile process.

Hygienic pumps and valves for the food industry

Equipment used in the food and beverage industry not only needs to ensure sterile processes. The components must also satisfy stringent requirements in terms of reliability and profitability. This is the only way to ensure your position in a highly competitive market. To this end, KSB has at hand a wide range of products and services to offer its customers – bespoke all-in solutions from a single source, which are tailored to the respective process, including support during the planning stage right up to after sales.

Sterile and efficient fluid transportation pumps

KSB’s Vita pumps range enable fluid transportation that satisfies the highest hygiene requirements: wetted parts made of precious materials, outstanding surface quality and well flushed mechanical seals set hygiene standards. High-performance IE2 motors ensure better efficiency.

Pumps and valves for breweries

Brewers rely on KSB’s premium quality. Brewing applications, in particular, require first-class technical equipment to ensure clean and smooth brewing processes. Thanks to KSB’s comprehensive range of pumps and valves, we have available products for virtually any handling task where beer and water are involved. KSB pumps and valves are efficient, reliable and economic.