netzch pumps

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems has been manufacturing positive displacement pumps to a worldwide client base for more than 60 years.
Specifically designed for a variety of pumping applications, NETZSCH’s products range from small metering pumps to high volume pumps and are used in demanding applications across many industries.

NEMO® progressing cavity pump

In 1951, NETZSCH Group began manufacturing and distributing positive displacement pumps with its flagship NEMO progressing cavity pump, which was designed according to the Moineau pump system. The NEMO pump took the first half of its name from ‘NETZSCH’ and the second half from ‘Moineau’.
The NEMO progressing cavity pump is used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical / biochemical industries for hygienic applications and optimal cleaning. It is ideal in these settings due to its continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveyance and its capability of dosing in proportion to speed. The block pump construction with flanged drive is very compact and economical to operate.

TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps

In 2002, NETZSCH began developing and manufacturing its successful range of TORNADO rotary lobe pumps. TORNADO pumps are used in a constantly growing number of applications for continuous and gentle conveyance of substances.
T2, the second generation of TORNADO, was introduced by NETZSCH in 2012. Its new design completely revolutionized the performance of the rotary lobe pump.

NOTOS® multi screw pumps

One of the company’s most recent pump innovations involved the development of the NOTOS multi screw pump in Brazil. NETZSCH has been selling these products on a global basis since 2014.
The products can be used for various applications, with the range consisting of three design series with two, three and four screws.

Waste water treatment and biogas technology

The ‘Environmental and Energy’ business field of NETZSCH Pumps & Systems is an industry leader in the treatment of waste water and biogas technology.
NETZSCH Pumps & Systems ‘Environmental and Energy’ delivers positive displacement pumps as conveying systems for all environmental technology processes and demands. As a result of the pumps’ regulating characteristics, they ensure a safe, reliable and efficient operation.
From NEMO progressive cavity pumps to TORNADO rotary lobe pumps or NOTOS multi-screw pumps, NETZSCH conveying systems have been used across many industries, such as agriculture, waste water cleaning, water purification, renewable energy, construction, electroplating and marine.


Founded in the German city of Selb in 1873, The Gebrüder NETZSCH Maschinenfabrik (NETZSCH Brothers Machine Works) became the starting point for the current NETZSCH Group. While remaining a family-owned business with headquarters in Selb, NETZSCH now employs more than 3,500 employees across 210 global locations over five continents and is made up of three distinct business units.
Manufacturing over 55,000 high-quality pumps each year, the NETZSCH Pumps & Systems business unit has built up a market leader reputation due to its core competence and vertical integration.
The company provides its customers with reliable systems from each of its five production sites, implementing the highest standards in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.
As well as the NEMO progressing cavity pumps, TORNADO rotary lobe pumps and NOTOS multi screw pumps, NETZSCH supplies macerators / grinders, dosing technology and other equipment custom built to handle challenging applications.