Pentair Flow & Filtration Solutions' Südmo, Keystone Sanitary, Haffmans and Beer Membrane Filtration (BMF) brands provide a wide range of production plant solutions.
Pentair Flow & Filtration Solutions’ Südmo, Keystone Sanitary, Haffmans and Beer Membrane Filtration (BMF) brands provide a wide range of production plant solutions to the food, dairy and beverage industries.

Products and services

The Südmo and Keystone Sanitary product range includes valves, pumps and components, including stainless steel single seat, mix proof, butterfly and speciality valves that meet the highest hygienic and aseptic standards.
Haffmans, established in 1947, specialises in equipment for measuring carbon dioxide, oxygen, air, alcohol/extract, foam and turbidity, as well as carbon dioxide recovery systems.
Founded in 1954, Südmo designs and manufactures sanitary, aseptic process and speciality valves and components such as stainless steel single seat, mix proof and compact systems that meet hygienic and aseptic standards.
Hygienic centrifugal pumps are available, which are compact systems that meet regulatory and aseptic standards for applications in the dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
Pentair’s products are supported by the expertise of a multi-disciplined team that offers processors the ability to maximise their production time and operational flexibility.
Keystone Sanitary has been providing valves and controls for more than 20 years. Services range from design concepts to 3D modelling of valve skid systems, manufacture, project management, assembly and full pressure testing.
Haffmans is a leader in CO2 technology for the brewing industry and use their expertise for upgrading biogas and designing high-quality products and solutions for ethanol and carbon dioxide recovery.
Beverage Filtration Solutions’ product portfolio includes BMF technology that allows brewers to produce various beers, while it filters a higher volume of beer, uses less water and produces no solid waste.

Process plant solutions

Manufacturing companies that produce food and beverage products require high-performance, hygienic and flexible process systems to boost efficiency.
Pentair specialises in sustainable plant fluid management solutions that range from working with dairy plants to meet regulations to developing total solutions for international breweries.
The company’s team offers hygienic and aseptic processors solutions that can maximise production time and operational flexibility. The team also provides guidance for process systems, including design and final commissioning.
In addition, Pentair offers water and wastewater treatment and management, as well as vital processing controls and electrical systems.

Service management

Service is more than repair and maintenance. It begins during project management when Pentair’s service team first meets the customer.
On-site, the service team gathers valuable information about local conditions of the operation. With performance data monitoring, Pentair is able to acquire long-term information that ensures that troubleshooting and service activities are efficient.
Service contracts are an integral part of any preventive maintenance program. Pentair performs service and maintenance through a certified service partner to ensure plants are continuously improved on a regular basis.
The company anticipates and prevents problems, resulting in lower costs of ownership with longer run times between service and less disruption from unplanned maintenance.
This results in lower contamination rates and fewer product and cleaning solution losses. Pentair aims to construct a plant that operates in the best possible and economical way.

Pentair has valves for every liquid process application, including butterfly and aseptic process valves.
Valves can be welded into manifolds or clusters on a stainless steel frame for safe, effective and flexible distribution of different media.
Pentair designs equipment for continuous operation on 'thin’ liquids such as milk, wine, cream and beer. The pumps are suitable for liquids with viscosity of up to 500mPa/s.
Pentair produces customised and modular pre-fabricated systems for aseptic sampling, filtration, water deaeration, carbonating and blending, as well as dosing, mixing and aqua purification.
The company offers customised single solutions and overall concepts from one source.

About Pentair

At Pentair, the goal is to ‘deliver inspired solutions to a changing world’. The company employs 30,000 people on six continents.
The company’s products, sold and serviced in more than 150 countries worldwide, are supported by Pentair’s multi-disciplined team.