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Agitators, Mixers and Pump Processing Technology

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Sulzer designs and manufactures pumps and agitators.

Sulzer designs and manufactures pumps and agitators. The Sulzer brand is synonymous with delivering high product quality and performance reliability that is required for the demanding applications of the food processing industry.
A combination of experience, understanding customer needs and a detailed knowledge of processes and applications has enabled Sulzer to develop innovative and sustainable pumping solutions. The company’s dedication to research and development in fluid dynamics, process-orientated products and special materials supports its customer-centred approach.
Sulzer is committed minimising its environmental footprint and being socially responsible. The company’s portfolio showcases the highest attainable efficiency level products in the market, offering customers the most eco-efficient, sustainable product solutions.

Comprehensive pumps, mixers and agitators portfolio

Sulzer has a comprehensive portfolio of innovative process pumps, specialised pumps, mixers and agitators for producers of sugar, starch and sweeteners, which are all designed in accordance with the latest standards issued by ISO, API and ANSI.
By working directly with our customers and having full involvement in their processes, Sulzer is able to identify and develop optimal solutions. This service goes beyond the correct pump selection for the task: advanced materials, sealing solutions and overall operating efficiency achieve a reliable process and maintenance-free operation.

Pumps for degassing and high-viscosity liquids

Sulzer’s pumps are designed to work with the most demanding liquids. Through the company’s constant research, it has been able to develop innovative pumping solutions for the food industry. One example of this is the Ahlstar degassing pump, which is a self-priming and degassing pumping solution for liquids that contain gases.
Sulzer also works with Herold & Co GmbH to supply Helical Twisted Roots pumps, for high-viscosity liquids, such as massecuites, magmas, crystal suspensions, molasses, thick juices and other sucrose solutions.

Robust pumps and mixers

Sulzer’s pumps and mixers are renowned for their robust designs. The latest manufacturing technology and strict quality control procedures set high levels of efficiency and performance for all process conditions.
Sulzer tests all its process pumps before delivery. Together, these factors ensure that the customer receives excellent product performance and high lifecycle value.
Customer satisfaction is monitored in accordance with a planned procedure, and feedback is used to improve company processes. All Sulzer manufacturing sites are certified according to standards ISO 9001: 2008 (quality), ISO 14001: 2004 (environment) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (health and safety).

Customised pumping solutions for food processing

The operating environment of the food processing industry is changing and Sulzer continuously develops new pumping solutions to meet this challenge. Pump selection alone can significantly boost an operation’s efficiency and with its range of specialised pumping and mixing tools and years of expertise, Sulzer helps customers choose the pump for the right job. Sulzer has improved the reliability of process-runs and even changed some operations from a standby pumps practice to a single pump system.
With full-scale test facilities and an expanded product portfolio, Sulzer gives customers access to:

  • The largest portfolio of innovative process pump and mixer products, including complete water and wastewater treatment applications
  • Experience in managing a diversity of process liquids and application environments
  • Optimised product selections, guidelines and project management
  • Tailor-made, environmentally and economically sustainable solutions
  • Hydraulic excellence and equipment performance
  • Extended equipment run times and increased time between failures
  • Lower power consumption due to higher efficiency and optimised selections
  • Reduced capital costs and increased profitability from existing systems
  • Personal, knowledgeable advice and long-term customer care
  • A large network of installed base and mill contacts
  • Local presence close to the customers and end users

About Sulzer

Sulzer has 170 sales offices and service centres worldwide to provide fast response times and deliveries. The company’s global delivery and customer service network includes an advanced service centre and parts processing network, which provides qualified services for the entire product lifecycle. This includes troubleshooting, energy audits, fast delivery programmes, pre-configured retrofit products and various service kits.
In addition to servicing installed bases with original spare parts, Sulzer will also use and supply a number of trusted, quality brands.

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