Hose and tube pumps for waste water and food processing

Verderflex provides a wide range of peristaltic hose and tube pumps for liquid handling in various industries, including food processing, wastewater management, and packaging.
A solution is available for all types of projects, ranging from small original equipment manufacturers (OEM) pumps to large hose pumps. Each product is designed to effectively pump and dose abrasive, viscous, highly corrosive, or shear sensitive liquids.

Peristaltic hose and tube pumps for industrial chemical processing applications

The Verderflex Rapide range features compact, easy-to-use tube pumps, with capacities from 93l/h to 1,020l/h at 2bar of pressure. They are designed for applications such as chemical, paper, and pulp processing, as well as printing and packaging, reagent dosing, and water treatment.
With no tools required during tube change, Rapide units have standard speeds of 60-220 revolutions per minute (RPM), with control of up to four channels.
The Verderflex Rollit range comprises two peristaltic roller hose pumps for lubricant-free pumping processes. Easy to maintain, the Rollit single hose and twin series are able to pump liquids from 140l/h to 24,500l/h at 2bar and 4bar pressure respectively. These are suitable for food and beverage applications such as fruit pulp and syrup processing.
The units are able to handle liquid temperatures up to 80°C, with hose options that include natural rubber (NR), neoprene (CR), and natural rubber food (FN), which all adhere to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) CFR21 regulations.

Peristaltic-cased tube pumps for high-precision dosing

The Verderflex Vantage 5000 range features five high-precision peristaltic pumps for applications including waste water treatment, industrial dosing of flavour into oils, yeast processing, and reagent dosing. Each pump is customisable, with a choice of four tube wall thicknesses, various tube elements, and a Hose Barb or Tri-Clamp connection.
With a capacity of 6.6l/minute at 7bar pressure, these pumps are advanced, simple to programme, and highly accurate. Their user-friendly design features touch-screen technology and a clear, colour image. The menu is easy-to-navigate and intuitive, informing the user of any pending issues through alerts and alarms.
The Verderflex VP dosing pumps are designed for chlorine, pH, or reduction-oxidation reaction (REDOX) control for washing equipment, small-scale water treatment, and chemical dosing. These self-contained systems are sealed to IP55 rating standards.
With capacities from 2.4l/h to 6l/h, these constant or variable flow dosing systems feature a remote on/off switch, an overdosing alarm, and supply tank fluid-level switches.

Customised peristaltic OEM pumps, motors, and tubing

Verderflex’s range of high-performance OEM pumps offers custom pump designs, motor options, and tubing. The products can be adapted for a wide variety of applications, including sampling systems, refrigeration, condensate removal, and chemical dosing.
The Verderflex M045 OEM pump is a two-roller, low-flow unit, with a capacity of 60ml/minute. It features direct current (DC) / alternating current (AC) power speed options, including a permanent magnet DC motor with long-life brushes and a spur gearbox, or a 230V AC, 50Hz 20W asynchronous shaded pole motor.
The Verderflex M025 is an OEM pump, featuring a flip-top front cover on the pump head. With a maximum discharge pressure of 1bar, this unit handles flow rates of 260ml/minute. It is made from Verderprene, silicone, Viton, and Tygon, as well as features two rollers with rapid tube loading.
Available in silicone or Verderprene, the Verderflex VP2-B and VP2-R are entry-level peristaltic OEM tube pumps with a fixed flow of 333ml/minute. It can process at speeds between 10 RPM and 40 RPM, featuring a manual flow rate regulation via an adjustable trimmer.

Lubricants and accessories for industrial pumps

Verderflex provides a range of accessories for pumping fine and viscous liquids, including pulsation dampers, custom base plates, Redox probes, variable frequency drives, quick-change hoses, and chlorine concentration cells.
The company’s hoses are designed to minimise fatigue in industrial applications, and can be installed in a wide variety of peristaltic pumps to increase service intervals. A wide range of tubing in various sizes, thicknesses, and levels of chemical compatibility are available.
Verderflex’s lubricants help maintain its peristaltic pumping systems, as Lubricant baths increase lifespan of both the pump and hose.
The company can also provide silicone-free lubricants and grease for dry running pumps such as Verderflex Rollit.