Azano is an internationally certified weighing systems and engineering company specialising in manufacturing ‘own brand’ industrial-grade weighing and contamination detection systems to satisfy the specific production needs for many food processing industries.

Sales and service offices are located throughout Asia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand with specialist engineers designing and developing a broad range of applications that encompass controlled weighing, bagging, inspection and contaminate detection, robotic palletising and conveyor systems.

Systems can be standalone units or included as an integral component of a turnkey end-to-end project. Our factory offers clients a unique capability for custom-made design to eliminate barriers to operational constraints such as floor space, existing equipment integration issues, process management and safety. All systems are manufactured to international standards and, where required, meet HACCP requirements.

Quality control inspection and contamination detection equipment

Foreign objects managing to enter a production process and contaminate the product can severely disturb or damage facilities, causing significant financial loss as well as the potential for litigation. Azano supplies the food processing industry with the highest standard of quality and innovated inspection, detection and checkweigh devices that impact cost control, quality and hygiene.

Metal detection and X-ray systems

Driven by the latest digital technology our range of metal detection and X-ray systems provide superior detection and inspection techniques to improve the QA process. The high-end devices offer outstanding sensitivity, accuracy, stability and precision product-effect compensation.

Checkweigh systems

The inspection process of weight checking is also a critical quality control function in food processing and production to optimise labour costs and maximise profits. Azano manufactures checkweigh systems that integrate seamlessly into existing or new production lines with a minimum of fuss for fast, efficient weight checking between 0.5kg and 100kg.

Bagging and packing systems

Azano’s range of bagging systems provides packing solutions for bag weights from 1kg – 1.5t. Whether you are a small business enterprise or a large corporation, Azano’s bagging and packing systems are manufactured to suit operational needs. Typically systems are suitable for all forms of grains, powders, flour, sugar, rice, beans, nuts and any other granular product with good fluidity.

Robotic palletisers

Azano robotic palletiser applications significantly reduce labour costs and improve palletising efficiency, all of which provides a quick return on investment. Their main features are high performance and safe operation. In partnership with Fuji-Ace the units are unrivalled in bag, case, pail, drum, shrink wrapped and bottle palletising applications. Handling capacity can be as high as 1,600 cycles per hour. Typically end-to-end conveyor systems are specifically designed to integrate with the robotic palletiser.