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Instruments and Test Kits for Food Safety and Quality Indicator Analysis, and Microbiology Culture Media

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Time management is crucial in the food industry. bioMérieux solutions help you to speed up the selection and management of raw materials, accelerate corrective action in the case of non-compliance, and expedite product release especially for re-tests.

Our solutions also allow you to gain time for other tasks such as assessing production processes to better understand and anticipate possible non-compliance, carrying out trend analyses of results, revisiting HACCP plan and monitoring critical control points, improving training of production personnel in microbiological risks, reinforcing your pathogen control plan or increasing test analyses.

Automated Salmonella and Listeria detection

bioMérieux is the worldwide leader in automated solutions for pathogen screening with internationally validated solutions for the main food pathogens including Salmonella, Listeria, Listeria monocytogenes, E.coli O157, Campylobacter and Staphylococcal enterotoxin using our VIDAS® and miniVIDAS® immunoassay systems.

Ready-to-use reagents, load-and-go ease of use, rapid turnaround time, minimum maintenance and connectivity to LIMS optimises labour cost and cost per result.

Automated quality indicator enumeration

The TEMPO® instrument is the food industry’s first automated quality indicator testing system for the enumeration of quality indicator organisms in food and environmental samples. TEMPO automates testing for total viable counts, coliform counts, generic E. coli, Enterobacteriaceae, lactic acid bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, and yeasts / moulds. Testing for these organisms is important for determining overall product hygiene and also as an indication of product spoilage.

LIMS connectivity for food testing instruments

Connectivity of instrumentation to LIMS is increasingly essential to the smooth operation of today’s laboratories. bioMérieux systems provide the peace of mind that connectivity allows.

Connectivity to LIMS is generally achieved using bi-directional communication providing a reduced number of manual data entries, automatic transfer of work lists from LIMS to instruments and automatic transfer of results from instruments to LIMS for optimised workflow and full results traceability.

Microbiology culture media

bioMérieux manufactures a wide range of imported and locally manufactured ready-to-use culture media products for microbial enumeration and identification, pathogen detection, environmental monitoring and general microbiology testing consisting of bottles, tubes, 3l and 225ml bags and plated media including our chromogenic range known as chromID™.

Automated microbial detection

BacT/ALERT® 3D for presence / absence testing of spoilage microorganisms allows rapid detection of failures in aseptic shelf-stable products such as UHT milk, juices, tomato paste, etc.

Microbial identification

Either the VITEK® 2 Compact automated system or the API® manual system can be used for microbial identification, depending on the number of identifications performed.

Nucleic acid extraction

The Nuclisens® easyMAG® (automated) and miniMAG® (semi-automated) are designed for efficient nucleic acid extraction.

Strain typing

DiversiLab® genotypic characterisation of bacteria, yeast and mould has wide applications in food, agriculture and environmental control.

Environmental control

The airIDEAL® 3PTM air sampler ensures quality control of the air in your environment.

Cultures for quality control testing

BioBall® assayed precise, microbiological cultures are designed for easy quantitative quality control testing.

About bioMérieux

bioMérieux, a worldwide leader in in vitro diagnostics, is well known as a reliable and innovative solutions provider for industrial and medical applications. bioMérieux Industry is heavily involved in protection of the health and quality of life of consumers and helps protect your valuable brand.

All of our products are backed by dedicated and trained engineering and technical support teams.

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