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Food and Tablet Testing Devices for Quality Assurance

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Charles Ischi and Kraemer Elektronik manufacture quality control (QC) testing devices for the food industry.
Kraemer and Ischi’s tablet testing machines are used in the research and production of a wide range of applications, including veterinary products, nutraceuticals and animal feed pellets.
Charles Ischi utilises 25 years’ experience to design solutions that meet its customers’ needs.

Testing devices for automatic tablet analysis

Kraemer and Ischi provide customised testing solutions for items such as food products, oral hygiene, veterinary products, dishwashing tablets and animal feed pellets.
The companies’ solutions take measurements for a wide range of attributes, including tablet hardness, weight, thickness, friability, abrasion and disintegration.
The devices meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the food processing industry while providing high-performance, efficient and flexible sample analysis.

Automatic testing systems with active ingredient content measurements

Kraemer and Ischi manufacture wear-resistant and reliable automatic testing solutions for in-process control.
UTS 4.1 is a standard device that tests round, oval, square and rectangular samples to provide accurate weight, thickness, diameter, length, width and hardness measurements. Data is recorded and can be transmitted to a tablet press.
UTS NIR provides additional near-infrared spectroscopy (FT-NIR) analysis to identify active ingredient content. This process analytical technology (PAT) tool can be used in research and development (R&D) labs and manufacturing facilities to monitor the production process in real-time.

Tablet testing systems with automatic weighing

The CIW 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4 automatic weighing systems are suitable for the weighing and measuring the length of tablets, capsules and similar products during the production process.
Based on the UTS tablet testing solution by Kraemer, this device offers separation systems and transport features to ensure samples are positioned accurately on an integrated scale. It can be used as a standalone unit, or its software can be installed to pre-existing tablet presses.

Maintaining quality control systems for production, quality control and research

Kreamer and Ischi’s testing equipment ensures QC for R&D and pilot plants.
Charles Ischi provides services such as free application tablet testing, installation, validation, documentation, operator training, calibration and preventative maintenance. It also is responsible for Kraemer’s international sales and services network.

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