Drivdon manufactures a wide range of products for work light, surveillance and security applications, both on land and offshore. The company offers ‘MegaLight’ products with excellent brightness and light distribution, combined with low power-consumption, high reliability and maintenance-free use. All products are tested and approved to European and US EMI standards.


Drivdon supplies Uvisable lighting products, a range of highly reliable UV lights suitable for hygiene control throughout the food processing line. Organic material, chemicals and many other substances appear fluorescent beneath UV light, and this makes it a proven solution for the inspection of hygiene standards and cleanliness of production equipment and premises within the food processing industry.

The UVisible UV light makes hygiene inspection quick, easy, inexpensive and effective. Additionally, UV light can be used to detect leaks within cooling systems, pipes and heating. The cleaning inspection lights also enable the hygienic design of food processing equipment, as they can be relied upon throughout the process.


Drivdon recognises the importance of identification of bacteria before a problem is caused. The costs of poor hygiene within the food processing industry are high, and UVisible UV lighting products quickly eliminate any risks by highlighting all residues on regular inspection. This is an advantage over alternative methods, such as waiting for analyses, as the findings can be corrected much sooner.


Drivdon UVisible lighting products utilise xenon gas discharge lamps as their light source, making them five times more energy-efficient than conventional bulbs. Also, the UVisible lights demonstrate a lifetime seven times longer than that of traditional H1 halogen type bulbs. Other advantages of these lights are their uniform light distribution, a low level of radiated heat and a crisp white colour tone.

Drivden Uvisible lighting products are designed to demonstrate high reliability and flexibility, resulting in low maintenance costs. The company offers a broad range of lamps for hygienic inspection, which are already widely used throughout the food processing industry.

Drivdon is headquartered in Delsbo, Sweden, and has developed xenon-based illumination products since 1991.