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Temperature Probes, Food Thermometers, Data Logging and Monitoring Systems, and Food Safety Temperature Kits

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ECEFast is a leading supplier of food safety instruments, including contact (probe) food thermometers, waterproof food safety thermometers, hand-held temperature probes, infrared food thermometers, food safety temperature kits, data logging and monitoring systems, and other food safety inspection and testing equipment.

Contact (probe) food thermometers

ECEFast supplies a variety of contact (probe) thermometers, including the Comark C22 Premium waterproof food thermometer, which is the latest addition to Comark’s range of general-purpose food thermometers. It accepts thermistor (PST) sensor probes for temperatures to 150°C and Type T thermocouples for temperatures to 400°C. Other Comark food thermometers include the KM-28 thermometer, the KM-C26 high-accuracy Type T thermocouple thermometer and the KM-C21 food thermometer.

Waterproof food safety thermometers

Cooper Atkins supplies most of the major chain restaurants in the US with food safety thermometers and probes. The 35000 series was developed to survive in the harshest working kitchen environment.

The Cooper Atkins 35100 and 35200 series ‘wrap and stow’ thermometers were developed for heavy-duty fast-food restaurant applications. Probe leads are strengthened with Kevlar fibre and probes are matched to achieve high measurement accuracy.

Hand-held temperature probes

ECEFast supplies a range of hand-held temperature probes, including immersion probes, quick response surface probes, insertion probes and air probes.

Infrared food thermometers

The FoodPro series of infrared thermometers is designed for food safety applications; they have a rugged, waterproof design and a choice of infrared or combined infrared and contact probe.

The TCT303 infrared and contact thermometer is excellent value for money as it features contact and non-contact thermometers in one handy package. It is easy to use and the SS 3mm diameter probe folds away for safety when not in use. Infrared can be used to scan many readings and any problems that are identified can be checked immediately with the contact probe.

Other instruments available in this area include hand-held infrared food thermometers and ECEFast’s CHECKER, a validation device to cross-check infrared and contact thermometers.

Food safety temperature kits

ECEFast developed the concept of food safety temperature kits with infrared temperature measurement and contact measurement. The Maxikit premium kit is designed for heavy users of HACCP instruments.

The ECEFast Minikit is designed to provide the benefits of non-contact infrared measurement (i.e. fast, no contamination, measures surface temperature where bacteria grows) with an accurate contact thermometer that complies with new safety guidelines.

The ECEFast Microkit offers the lowest possible cost solution for a food safety temperature kit that combines contact and infrared temperature measurement and also meets the regulation guideline of ±1°C. This solution is exclusive to ECEFast.

Bench or surface-mounted dual thermometers and temperature indicators

The CH-AZMT09 is a bench or surface-mounted dual thermometer that offers a low-cost way to display temperatures at two points, with min / max memory.

The CH-AZHT02 bench or surface-mounted RH / temperature indicator offers a convenient way to display humidity at home, in the work place, or in storage or laboratory areas.

Data logging and monitoring systems

The ECEFast ‘disklog’ is a temperature logger for food transport and storage. It’s a compact, rugged and low-cost device for monitoring food transport temperatures or temperature and humidity. Other instruments available in the data logging and monitoring system range include:

  • Comark Diligence EVG graphic display monitor – a portable, battery-powered logger
  • Comark series 2000 temperature and RH loggers – lightweight and compact, the range includes multi-sensor models that are capable of simultaneously monitoring up to five temperature locations
  • Comark EVT temperature logger – electronic and programmable, these temperature loggers log data for permanent storage on a PC to provide the most cost-effective transport logging solutions over any distance
  • Center 340 series low-cost portable loggers for temperature and RH – suitable for HVAC, environmental monitoring, and transport and storage of humidity-sensitive products
  • Evidencia Thermassure RF RFID loggers – four versions are available: single-use trackers, multi-use trackers, single-use loggers and multi-use loggers
  • Truck temperature and distribution centre temperature alarm system – a modular system for automatically and wirelessly logging temperature data in trucks and fixed points
  • RampX web server for DAQ and alarm systems – custom reports and operator inputs such as barcodes, keypads and magnetic cards can be readily accommodated, and remote and distributed I/O can be accessed from any location with access to the internet

Press Releases

  • ECEFast Supplies Input/Output Modules for Data Acquisition BC-I/O

    ECEFast can supply the new series of I/O modules which were introduced with the new Brainchild HMI family. These DIN mount compact modules handle from six to eight abalog channels and up to 16 digitals in different models. They are used to configure RS485 networks with direct sensor inputs

  • PReview 5714: A Universal Display for the Food Processing Industry

    PReview 5714 is a universal four-digit 1/8 DIN panel display. It is designed to show digital current, voltage signals, resistance and all thermocouples and RTDs. Scrolling help instructions PReview 5714 is elegant, universal, reliable and user-friendly. A new feature is

  • Universal Isolator with Clip-On Programmer

    PR electronics' series of universal, front programmable modules for the process industry includes: PReasy 4114, 4116 and 4131. The 4100 series is a range of universal signal conditioning modules. By way of the detachable front display unit 4501 the modules can be programmed quickly and

  • Waterproof Pen pH Meter Offers High Accuracy and Convenience at Low Cost

    The PH222 immersible pocket-style pH meter is compact and rugged, with replaceable pH electrode, delivering accurate measurements of pH and temperature. The range is 0pH-14.00pH and –5°C to 80°C, and it will store up to 100 sets of data for manual recall as well as max, min values with

  • ECEFast Offers Standard Thermocouples and RTDs from Stock

    It has been common practice in Australia for all temperature sensors to be manufactured on demand. This has resulted in undue variation in product design, and added cost and delays in the supply and manufacture. If operators took the view that they may be able to use 'industrial standard design'

  • The Cooper Atkins DF450W Dish Washer-Resistant Pocket Thermometer

    Usually there is nothing exciting about pocket thermometers for the food industry. Not so the Cooper Atkins DFP450W; with a measuring range of –40°C to 300°C and an accuracy of +/-1°C it certainly meets the requirements for food safety systems, but there are two differences that ma

  • Web-Based Temperature Monitoring System RXDC

    Web-based systems have the advantage of the information being accessible regardless of the location of either the subject or the viewer. Furthermore, the software installed on all computers except the server is simply a standard web browser. ECEFast has developed a program called RampX DC,

  • RFID Temperature Logger – Fast Download and Super Tough

    Evidencia Thermassure RFID tags have some unique features not offered by conventional temperature loggers. The tags store a 96bit ePC code for logistics, and high-accuracy temperatures with a standard, but expandable, 4,000 reading capacity and accuracy of better than 0.3°C. These

  • HACCP Temperature Kits from ECEFast

    ECEFast has upgraded its industry-standard Tempkit series. The Tempkits offer a combination of infrared non-contact temperature measurement and contact measurement for verification of problems and for core temperatures. The company believes that infrared technology allows rapid scanning of

  • 24/7 Wireless Monitoring for Food Production and Retailing

    Legislation introduced by the EU in 2006 makes it a legal requirement for food businesses to implement and maintain hygiene procedures based on HACCP principles. Temperature and humidity levels are both critical factors and Comark offers a range of instruments designed to offer the best in reliab

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