Fort Richard provides a comprehensive range of microbiology products to the clinical microbiology and food safety testing industries, specialising in the manufacture of prepared culture media from dedicated facilities in Australia and New Zealand.
With a team of four microbiologists and more than 40 years’ experience in prepared culture media manufacturing, Fort Richard guarantees unparalleled quality, service and support to your laboratory.
The company’s product range caters to the unique needs of microbiology and food safety workflows such as pre-analytics, analysis and preservation, as well as sanitation monitoring, food spoilage and pathogen detection, and water testing.
Fort Richard has distribution and logistics channels throughout South-East Asia, offering custom-prepared culture media solutions to food safety laboratories in Australasia and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Microbiology and food safety solutions

Fort Richard offers a wide range of microbiology and food safety products and services, from testing equipment to test kits and culture media solutions. Developed by experienced microbiologists and food safety consultants, the products help ensure clarity and consistency for an efficient workflow.
From raw materials to final product, Fort Richard’s accredited prepared culture media and test kits enable food manufacturers to identify bacterial, pathogen and allergen contamination to improve consumer protection and reduce costly recalls.

Microbiology solutions for easy laboratory procurement

The Clarity Complete Results System™ is a comprehensive referencing system that categorises laboratory equipment, culture media, consumables and testing systems by workflow, enabling simple purchasing of high-quality products from a single source.

Environmental sampling

Fort Richard has a wide range of tools for environmental sampling, including contact plates, gamma-irradiated contact and settle plates, and surface swabs, including the World BioProducts range for environmental monitoring of air and surfaces.

Preservation and storage of cultures

Fort Richard Laboratories has an array of specially formulated prepared media and cryovials for culture storage. These have applications in the final stages of the laboratory workflow process.

Specialist rapid food safety testing products

Fort Richard offers a comprehensive range of specialist food safety products, including allergen, pathogen, mycotoxin and spoilage organism tests.
The company also exclusively distributes the Neogen® range of AOAC-approved rapid tests in New Zealand, including the AccuPoint Advanced™ ATP sanitation monitoring system, Listeria RightNow and Reveal test systems.