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Load Cells and Weighing Components


Competitive standard products and innovative high-end solutions – the weighing technology product range offered by HBM is unique. You profit twice as a customer: solutions perfectly tailored to your requirements combined with optimum quality.

Industrial weighing technology for the food industry

For more than 60 years HBM has been one of the global leaders supplying components for industrial weighing technology, including:

  • Load cells
  • Single-point load cells
  • Digital load cells
  • Weighing indicators and weighing electronics
  • Weighing software

Countless users already place their trust in the precision and reliability of high-quality HBM products, e.g. for scale manufacturing, plant engineering and process weighing, dynamic weighing and customized solutions.

Load cells for the food industry

In almost all sectors where goods are produced, processed or controlled, an HBM load cell and weighing technology component can be found. For the majority of HBM load cells official approval certificates are available.

HBM’s hermetically encapsulated load cells in stainless-steel construction provide for a long service life with absolute weighing precision, even in wet corrosion-hazard areas.

Aseptic load cells for the food industry

HBM’s latest innovations – the aseptic load cell PW27 and the easy-to-clean load cell PW25 – have been developed from a hygienic design perspective.

The PW25 and PW27 load cells are particularly outstanding for both their high degree of protection (IP68 / IP69K) and integrated, encapsulated overload protection in the measuring body.

With no corners, edges or grooves, the new load cells are especially suitable for use in hygienic and aseptic applications thanks to their design, material and hermetic encapsulation. These new load cells guarantee shorter cleaning times and less downtime of your food production machines.

The PW25 is a robust unit with integrated overload protection. With a housing made of stainless steel, the PW25 can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

The PW27 is easy to clean and fully compatible with cleaning and disinfectant media used in the food industry. Microorganisms don’t stand a chance: the surfaces are too smooth for them to get a hold of. It’s the perfect load cell for the food and pharmaceutical industries where contamination must not occur.

Digital load cells

HBM’s family of FIT® digital load cells have been developed specifically for dynamic weighing applications. They are reliable, durable and highly precise.

The FIT digital load cell meets your demanding requirements for weighing in modern manufacturing lines. They offer maximum throughput and, at the same time, extremely high accuracy.

Weighing indicators and weighing electronics

Additionally, HBM offers weighing indicators and weighing electronics for all industrial platform scales. In addition, HBM offers electronic systems for process automation in the food industry, e.g. for checkweigher and dosing processes.

A reliable partner for load cells and weighing components

Quality is central to HBM’s strategy. HBM products have represented safety and reliability for 60 years, thanks to a global production strategy at competitive prices. The close cooperation between HBM’s sales force and the specialists at our headquarters means real profit for you as our customer. Direct access to HBM’s metrological experience and competence can deliver the decisive impulse for the successful realization of new ideas.

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