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Specialist Testing and Engineering Services for the Food and Water Industries

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Add value to food processing plants

hrl: offers technical experience to the Australian manufacturing sector to help add value to food processing plant performance operations.

The company specialises in providing testing and engineering solutions to improve the reliability, sustainability, and efficiency of processes. It employs expert engineers to help provide cost-efficient and effective solutions to difficult technical problems.

With vast international experience, hrl: collaborates with partners worldwide, including South East Asia, India, and the Middle East. The company’s range of comprehensive services is customisable to suit customer’s needs.

Chemical, metallurgical, and thermal testing for manufacturing processes

hrl: conducts testing services for manufacturing processes to provide key insights into plant performance. Its high-quality, precise tests are carried out in advanced, National Association of Testing Services (NATA) approved laboratories.

The company’s chemical testing identifies contaminants in food production lines including biomass, chemicals, water, coal, and dangerous goods, as well as waste, foreign objects, pulp, fibre, and mercury. This reliable service helps to maintain product quality, meaning less waste and increased safety for consumers. In addition, metallurgical testing is available to ensure there is no ferrous material contamination.

Conducting product tests such as hot stage microscopy, hrl: investigates thermal processes and characterisation changes of biomass and minerals. The company utilises thermogravimetric analysis with differential scanning caliometry (TGA-DSC) to discover weight changes, melting points, and reaction kinetics, as well as determine heat capacity.

Mechanical testing of food production facilities for quality control

hrl:’s mechanical testing helps ensure manufacturing plants work as expected. Automotive components, strain gauging surveys, temperature measurements, and weighing all contribute towards a comprehensive quality control method to help protect sensitive food products.

Outsourcing laboratory testing to hrl: helps manage business costs, reduce depreciation, and optimise performance. The company’s models can be customised to suit a client’s needs and has been used by some of the world’s largest companies.

Specialist engineering solutions for performance and energy efficiency in food manufacturing

hrl: specialises in high-temperature, high-pressure systems and its engineering solutions are designed to maintain high-performance in food processing facilities by optimising maintenance costs and investigating previous issues. Advanced site inspections and risk assessments are implemented to help extend asset life, alongside high-quality design verification using advanced materials.

As part of its power and combustion performance engineering service, hrl: improves the output of waste, coal, biomass, and gas-fired boilers for a low-cost heating solution.

As part of its process and energy efficiency engineering solution, the company’s skilled engineers audit the site’s relevant programmes, including recycling, waste processes, and energy use.

Specialist capital project implementation

hrl:’s experienced project engineers implement specialist retrofit projects, taking responsibility for project management, design, and quality assessment of manufacture, control systems, and commissioning.

Technical and legal advice for quality assurance in food production processes

hrl: offers a discrete technical and legal advice service providing expert information for production failure investigations, warrenty claims, and due-diligence. In addition, the company participates in government expert panels to provide technical insight and advice.

About hrl:

hrl: provides its extensive, practical testing capabilities to companies in Australia and South-East Asia. It is trusted to find a solution to technical business challenges, increasing operational performance and financial gain.

With roots in research and development (R&D) within the State Electricity Comission of Victoria, hrl: has expertise in power generation and laboratory testing.

hrl: forms many innovation partnerships, specialising in feasibility studies, commercialisation of processes, business scale-up, and techno-economic analysis. The company works closely for R&D collaborations with one customer or multi-partner groups such as cooperative research centre projects (CRC-P).

White Papers

  • Case Study: Bush Fire Mitigation

    hrl: Technology Group was contracted by the Victorian Government to deliver the field test programme of Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiter (REFCL) technologies, under direction of a lead researcher.

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