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X-Ray Inspection Machines

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InspX designs and manufactures industry leading ScanTrac X-ray inspection machines that can be mounted on existing conveyor lines. InspX machines help food processors protect their reputation by detecting foreign materials such as glass, rocks, bones, metals and certain types of rubber and plastic in filled containers or pipeline applications. Coupled with the appropriate ejector, InspX machines can help automate quality control at food processing and packaging plants.

With InspX machines, food processors can identify and eliminate foreign materials in raw ingredients and containers prior to cooking and packaging. Common applications include:

  • Detecting rocks in root vegetables and beans
  • Detecting bones in meat
  • Detecting glass shards or wall thickness irregularities in glass jars

ScanTracs operate at high speeds in harsh environments. InspX welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate the quality of its machines by testing your specific product and contaminant samples.

Find glass shards in full or empty glass containers

ScanTrac inspection machines are ideal for food and beverage industries. They are available in a variety of models, depending on the application. The ScanTrac Trio is designed specifically for glass container inspection.

The ScanTrac Trio inspects glass bottles and jars for glass shards, metal, stones, bones and certain types of rubber. It features three side-view X-ray beams inspecting from three different angles to detect foreign objects that other systems often miss. The outer two beams detect the presence of foreign materials at the sides and bottoms of glass containers, while the center beam detects the precise fill level and height of containers.

This machine is easy to use, sturdy and space-efficient, and it can be installed on single-file production conveyors. It can accommodate a range of product sizes and provide outstanding, non-contact glass container inspection at full line speeds.

X-ray inspection for pipeline applications

InspX machinery is suitable for a range of tasks, including X-ray inspection of bulk product through pipelines. The ScanTrac Fermata is specifically designed for inspecting bulk product in pipelines from 2in to 4in in diameter. The ScanTrac Fermata is successfully inspecting product at speeds over 300 gallons per minute in a wide variety of applications, including poultry and potatoes.

Typical pipeline inspections include detecting:

  • Foreign materials (metal, glass, stone, bones, and certain types of rubber and plastic)
  • Product density (product weight)

X-ray inspection for sanitary belt applications

InspX equipment enables X-ray inspection of various products on sanitary belt conveyors at speeds of up to 700 feet per minute (fpm). Very small contaminants can be detected, with the smallest size depending on factors such as container size, contaminant density, false reject tolerance, and line speed.

InspX offers two ScanTrac models for sanitary belt applications:

  • ScanTrac Atempo – for belt widths up to 11in
  • ScanTrac Forte – for wider belts up to 22in

X-ray inspection of plastic containers

InspX machinery enables X-ray inspection of plastic containers at up to 2,200cpm at conveyor speeds of up to 700fpm. Very small contaminants can be detected, with the smallest size depending on factors such as container size, contaminant density, false reject tolerance, and line speed.

X-ray inspection of boxes and trays

InpsX machines can also carry out inspections of boxes and trays that are used for food packaging.

The three most suitable models for this type of inspection are the ScanTrac Solo, ScanTrac Atempo. The ScanTrac Solo can find contaminants in boxes at up to 2,200cpm. The ScanTrac Crescendo is ideally suited for inspecting tall containers, such as cereal boxes. The ScanTrac Atempo can detect foreign materials in trays and boxes.

Typical inspections of boxes include:

  • Contaminants
  • Fill level
  • Void
  • Density
  • Contents verification

X-ray inspection of glass containers

InspX machines can be used to detect irregularities in products packaged in glass containers, such as bottles and jars. These machines can detect extremely small contaminants, depending on jar size, glass wall uniformity, density of contaminant, and line speed.

The most suitable models for X-ray inspection of glass containers are the ScanTrac Trio (as described above), the ScanTrac Solo and the ScanTrac Piccolo. The Solo and Piccolo can detect glass shards as small as 1mm, offering highly accurate detection even at high speeds.

Typical inspections of glass containers include:

  • Contaminants
  • Fill level
  • Void
  • Density

X-ray inspection of miscellaneous items

InspX equipment is also suitable for miscellaneous items such as cigarette boxes, pharmaceutical packaging and raw food products, such as vegetables. In addition to contaminants, density, voids and dents, these machines can detect any other problems with container or product shape or reliability, ensuring that only the best products reach the market and your customers.

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