John Morris Scientific is recognised as a supplier of the world’s leading high-technology scientific instruments for laboratory, diagnostic and research purposes, including instruments for the food processing industry.

Every product we sell is tested upon receipt and again prior to being dispatched. Our service personnel are factory trained and attend training at our vendors’ facilities each year. All of our products are backed by a 12-month parts and labour warranty.

Instrumentation and equipment for the food processing industry

As a representative of some of the leading brands in the field of scientific instrumentation, we are proud to be the exclusive Australian distributor of Cole-Parmer, a company that manufactures and supplies instrumentation and equipment for the food processing industry.

Since 1955 Cole-Parmer has been a leading source of laboratory and industrial fluid handling products, instrumentation, equipment and supplies. The company also has expertise in the fields of temperature measurement and control, electrochemistry and fluid handling.

Cole-Parmer is renowned for its exceptional customer and technical support. Its highly trained technical application specialists assist with selecting products tailored to your specific application needs and can also help troubleshoot existing systems.

Ultrasonic hybrid flowmeters

Cole-Parmer’s new ultrasonic hybrid flowmeters can measure fluid flow using either a doppler or transit time method, making them suitable for use with most fluids that conduct sound waves.

Cole-Parmer ultrasonic hybrid flowmeters use the latest advancements in digital signal processing (DSP), cross-correlation signal analysis and a proprietary goodness of measurement algorithm to ensure accurate and reliable measurements.

These ultrasonic hybrid flowmeters have a 500,000 event data logging capability and can write to a removable SD 32MB memory card. Each flowmeter has a non-invasive transducer that works with both clean and dirty fluids without causing leaks or declines in pressure. The transducer comes with two sets of acoustic coupling gaskets.

Digital pump drives

Cole-Parmer’s new Masterflex L/S digital pump drives have a well-deserved reputation for durability and ease of use, and now offer high-accuracy motors and an all-new graphical interface that makes setup and operation easier than ever.

The high-contrast graphical LCD shows four operating modes, allowing you to view pump performance continually. The maintenance-free brushless motor offers ±0.1% speed control accuracy with a 6,000:1 turndown ratio for a wider flow range.

Enhanced dispensing features include volume dispense, timed dispense and copy/repeat. A programmable dispense interval allows hands-free dispensing and filling, while the cumulative volume feature totalises volume dispensed over multiple cycles. Remote control capabilities allow easy integration into automated processes.

Waterproof pH meter

Cole-Parmer’s latest addition to the Oakton pHTestr® family is the EcoTestr™ pH 2, which features an ergonomically designed LCD allowing you to simply dip and read without having to tilt the tester.

The EcoTestr pH 2 features a long-life pH sensor which is concealed to protect it against breakage, automatic buffer recognition for quick and easy one to three-point calibrations, and automatic temperature compensation for accurate reading during changing conditions.

The EcoTestr pH 2 is both waterproof and dustproof, making it ideal for use in damp or dirty conditions; it will also float if it’s dropped in water.

Protective clothing for food processing

Cole-Parmer supplies a complete range of protective clothing for food processing, industrial maintenance and chemical processing. The range includes aprons, sleeves, lab coats, gowns, coveralls, frocks, facemasks, bouffants, hair nets and shoe/boot covers.

Cole-Parmer also supplies a complete range of products to help protect your eyes and ears in the workplace and meet OH&S requirements. These include safety glasses with impact-resistant lenses, safety goggles, weighted safety shields, face shields, eyewash, ear plugs and ear muffs.

Disposable gloves for laboratory testing

Cole-Parmer supplies disposable gloves from a range of brands including High-Five, Kimberly Clark, North Oak and MAPA. The following types are available:

  • Polyethylene gloves comply with FDA food contact regulations, making them ideal for the food industry
  • Vinyl gloves are an inexpensive alternative to latex gloves; they are offered in several different weights and are ideal for food processing
  • Latex gloves offer a secure grip and the highest tactile dexterity available in a laboratory glove
  • Chloroprene gloves offer the integrity of a synthetic with the feel of natural latex; they are powder-free and reduce the risk of skin irritation
  • Nitrile gloves remove the risk of a reaction to natural latex proteins and also provide protection against a variety of chemicals