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Color Measurement Instruments

From fruits to vegetables, juices to sauces, cheeses, snacks, nuts, seasonings or anything else that is edible - color plays an important role in food.

From fruits, vegetables, juices, and sauces, to cheeses, snacks, nuts, and seasonings, color plays an important role in food.
Konica Minolta Sensing Americas wants to know:

  • Does your company rely on eyes to make color decisions?
  • Is your company losing money because your products have inconsistent coloring?
  • Are you looking to increase the bottom-line by minimizing your production downtime and reducing product waste?
  • Do you wish to create a seamless color process with your supply chain or other location?

Color measurement instruments – colorimeters, spectrophotometers, and quality control software

Innovative, versatile and accurate, Konica Minolta colorimeters, spectrophotometers and quality control software have an ever-expanding role when it comes to the food industry. Konica Minolta offers a full line of color measurement instruments to help make sure your end products depict their true colors.

  • Control quality
  • Measure reflected and transmitted color of your products
  • Translate color in numerical values
  • Create simple pass or fail tolerance tests
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Measure raw materials through final product

With Konica Minolta Sensing you can.

Industrial color measurement, light measurement and shape measurement

Konica Minolta, a wholly owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta Holdings USA, is recognized as the international leader of industrial color measurement, light measurement and shape measurement. The company is responsible for product lines that continuously revolutionize how visual perception is measured by the world.

Portable spectrophotometers and colorimeters

As an industry pioneer and innovator, Konica Minolta developed and introduced the first portable spectrophotometers and colorimeters. Presently, its catalog contains such groundbreaking color measuring instruments as colorimeters, bench-top spectrophotometers, portable spectrophotometers and portable spectrodensitometers for controlling color and color difference. Konica Minolta also offers a full line-up of gloss meters for gloss measuring.
Thousands of companies across the globe choose to depend on Konica Minolta equipment when color measurement, light measurement or 3D measurement is vital to the manufacturing process. Konica Minolta products can be found in a wide array of industries including food, plastics, paints, coatings, automotive, aerospace and cosmetics.
Konica Minolta Sensing’s Ramsey, New Jersey corporate headquarters is fully equipped with a service center and tech support with a focused sales force dedicated to both the North American and South American regions.

Chroma meters

A highly accurate, multi-functional and user-friendly color measuring instrument – the new CR-410 Chroma Meter provides support for measurement using just the measuring head. It features a 50mm aperture and can measure on its own or connect to a data processor.
Don’t miss specialized models for different food products: 410PB (peanut butter), 410C (coffee), 410T (tomato) and 410FF (french fries).

Baking contrast meters

The BC-10 Baking Contrast Meter measures the color of baked, fired and processed foods, as well as ingredients, in various environments to ensure consistency in appearance. It is ideal for multi-plant and multi-lined companies.

Hand-held portable colorimeters

The CR-10 Color Reader is a very compact, battery powered, hand-held portable colorimeter for quick color control. Simply measure the target and then the sample. The color difference will appear on the LCD display in one second.

Hand-held whiteness index measuring instruments

The CR-14 Color Reader is a hand-held, battery-powered whiteness index measuring instrument that allows you to control the shade of white, near white and yellowish products such as food and raw materials easily and with precision.

Bench-top spectrophotometers

The versatile CM-5 Bench-top Spectrophotometer is capable of both measurements of reflectance and transmittance. It can also grade a PASS/FAIL based on user-set tolerances. It is an easy-to-use color measurement instrument that features a keyboard and color LCD screen, eliminating the need for a computer. This product has the ability to automatically calibrate every start-up.

Non-contact in-line color measurement system

NC-1 delivers color critical data right to process controls in real-time and high-speed. By using multi-directional illumination and non-contact sensing, the system is ideal for textured, uneven and multi-dimensional materials. The NC-1 color measurement systems are also capable of measuring transmitted light for clear plastics and films. The system delivers high-speed, accurate color data, instantly detecting out-of-spec (OOS) conditions, alerting the operator and control system of the condition so corrections can be applied immediately.
To learn more about Konica Minolta Sensing and to see a full list of color measurement instruments, visit our website today. When it comes to color, light and shape measurement, the world looks to Konica Minolta Sensing.

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