METTLER TOLEDO Safeline is a global market leader for high-performance metal detection systems to enhance productivity, reduce product waste, and optimise contaminant detection for food and beverage manufacturers worldwide.
The company forms part of METTLER TOLEDO’s product inspection division, which supplies metal detection, x-ray inspection, checkweighing, and vision inspection technology.
All solutions can be linked through the company’s ProdX data management software, ensuring 360-degree product inspection for manufacturing lines.

Inspection technology to detect contaminants in food

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline’s reliable product inspection systems ensure compliance with safety legislation by monitoring manufacturing lines for contamination.
These metal detection systems are developed with the demands of today’s highly competitive manufacturing sectors firmly in mind, with an emphasis based on current and future standards, legislation, and regulations.
The company delivers the opportunity for manufacturers to increase brand protection and compliance, reduce manufacturing costs, and increase productivity.
With more than 25 years’ experience producing metal detection systems, METTLER TOLEDO Safeline estimates that its installed systems currently inspect more than one trillion food and pharmaceutical packages per annum.

Accurate metal detection systems for food processing industry

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline metal detection systems deliver high levels of sensitivity in metal contaminant detection across a wide range of applications.
The rectangular aperture detectors are ideal for conveyorised products and general metal detection applications. They can be integrated with material handling and conveyor systems to provide fully automated product inspection.
Gravity fall metal detection systems inspect bulk powder, free falling powder, and granular products, while pipeline metal detectors are used for liquid, paste, and slurry products.
Vertical applications metal detectors are installed in vertical packaging applications such as where products pass from a weigher into a bag maker or packaging machine.

Detecting metal contaminants in challenging applications

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline’s Profile Advantage metal detector uses multi-simultaneous frequency and product signal suppression technology to detect metal in wet, warm, and cooling products, as well as those with varying moisture content or packaged in metallised film.
This intelligent unit negates these product signals or packaging effects to detect small metal contaminants accurately and quickly.

Optimising productivity and quality of food processing lines

The latest enhancements to METTLER TOLEDO Safeline’s Profile  metal detectors unlock productivity potential and reduce performance testing by up to 83%.
The enhancements can improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for producers with high-volume, dry snack food, bakery products, and confectionary, as well as powdered product applications.
The new enhancements are:

  • eDrive – a more efficient power board that results in increased spherical sensitivity of up to 20% in high-volume, dry applications
  • Reduced test mode – uses eDrive to operate at a higher sensitivity level than the customer’s specification, which allows the frequency of performance monitoring tests to be reduced by up to 83%
  • Automatic test system – reduces the time taken to conduct routine tests from three to five minutes to just 30 seconds
  • Emulation – enables remote access to the metal detectors via networked devices

These innovations improve manufacturers’ productivity and reduce operational costs, protect brand reputation, and enhance the overall quality of products.
These new features also enhance worker safety by reducing the number of performance tests and remote access, and the number of ladder climbs required by line operators is significantly reduced.