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Machine Vision Inspection Systems for Food Packaging

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Optimise label and packaging inspection

METTLER TOLEDO provides advanced software to optimize label and packaging inspection in the food and beverage industries.
Designed to improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality, the company’s machines help ensure customer safety by quickly identifying defective products for removal from the production line.
METTLER TOLEDO’s product inspection division comprises CI-Vision, PCE, Hi-Speed, and Safeline technologies, which provide high-quality inspection equipment for serialization, checkweighing, metal detection, and X-ray inspection applications.

Vision inspection solutions to mitigate product recall

METTLER TOLEDO’s inspection systems help mitigate product recalls and reduce rework of the production line. The systems monitor and manage label and package integrity, minimize costs, and optimize product changeover.
Each label inspection function increases customer safety by preventing mislabeled products from leaving the production floor. Each label is carefully inspected and verified to ensure it contains the correct allergen declaration. Inspection of lot codes or barcodes also helps to ensure traceability in the event of a recall due to contamination.

Custom parameter inspection

METTLER TOLEDO’s powerful CIVCore software has a flexible and intuitive user interface, with a large array of tools designed to help eliminate production errors.
It is able to inspect many different parameters, ranging from cap integrity to label accuracy and package inspections.
It also has the capability to detect and inspect inkjet printed labels with the Dot Print Tool, reassuring manufacturers that the final printed packaging or label clearly shows all the required information to meet international regulatory requirements.

Increase operational efficiency in food production plants

Using advanced reporting features, statistical analysis, and integrated connectivity, clients can efficiently manage production lines.
METTLER TOLEDO’s qualified service team provides proactive maintenance to ensure minimal downtime to production.

Comprehensive project management, set-up, and serviceability

METTLER TOLEDO’s team surveys a client’s site and evaluates product requirements to ensure no details are missed prior to installation.
Providing this level of detail in set-up ensures the systems are installed on-time and on-budget.
With a global presence in 39 countries, METTLER TOLEDO provides expert troubleshooting to solve issues. The company is known for its service and customer support.

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2640 White Oak Circle, Suite A
Aurora, IL 60502
United States of America

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