Novatech Controls is a world leader in the manufacture of oxygen probes, analysers and sensors for a range of applications, including those in the food processing industry.

Zirconia-based oxygen sensors, analysers and transmitters

In 1980, Novatech initiated the development of an oxygen transmitter based on zirconia oxygen sensing research by the Australian government research body CSIRO. Since 1982, Novatech has invested vast amounts of its resources into developing the world’s leading range of zirconia-based oxygen sensors, analysers and transmitters.

This development work has the strong foundation of the world’s most robust zirconia oxygen sensor. The products have been a huge success; every power station in Australia has replaced its oxygen probes and transmitters with Novatech equipment and 80% of products manufactured are exported to more than 50 countries around the world.

NDIR analysers for carbon dioxide gas purity measurement

By 1994, the levels of in-house designed and developed products had reached 95% and included new products such as an NDIR analyser for carbon dioxide gas purity measurements.

Oxygen probes, analysers and sensors range

Our product range includes:

  • Novatech oxygen sensing probes
  • Novatech oxygen analysers
  • Novatech water vapour analysers
  • Novatech food package testers
  • Novatech portable O2/CO2 analysers
  • Novatech 1234 oxygen sensor
  • Hot bonding controller for composite and bonded repairs

Oxygen / carbon dioxide gas analyser for MAP / CAP measurements

The new, third-generation, Novatech 1737 series oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) analysers are designed for use in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and controlled atmosphere packaging (CAP) to measure the trace oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in food packages. The Novatech 1737 analysers can be used in the packaged food and pharmaceutical industries for quality control of headspace content.

Oxygen is measured by a novel-technology zirconia cell and carbon dioxide by an infrared cell. Three models cover the oxygen ranges of 0.1% to 25%, 30ppm to 25%, and 0.1% to 96%. Carbon dioxide measurement is an option on instruments with any of these oxygen ranges. The oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors provide virtually drift-free analysis, with the oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors being automatically zeroed whenever an ambient air sample is drawn.

The on-board data memory will hold up to 3,700 O2 / CO2 measurements with a date / time stamp. Data download of analysis sets to a PC in comma-separated variable (CSV) format is achieved via Bluetooth radio link over distances up to 10m.

The Product function of the Novatech 1737 analysers allows up to 200 products to be identified by name and number. Each product description can have individually tailored alarm levels and sample numbers.

The sampled gas flow rate is measured by means of a mass-flow sensor. An alarm advises of blockages affecting the sampling process. All of these features, together with the large 10cm graphic display, provide operator-friendly and error-free operation.

The Novatech 1737 series analysers can be battery or mains operated. Instruments can be supplied in an optional rugged carrying case and with accessories including a metal can piercing tool, hypodermic needles for plastic packs, septum silicon strips and filters for dry particulates as well as a software interface for data transfer.

Quality assurance certification for oxygen probes, analysers and sensors

In 2003 Novatech’s quality management system received original approvals conforming to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 and AS/NZS ISO 14001:1996 from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. The approval certificate number is MEL 4000105.

Novatech’s research team is augmented by several large organisations, including the CSIRO, several power authorities’ research centres, aeronautical research laboratories and several academic institutions of technology.