Pyrosales has an international reputation as a specialist manufacturer of standard and precision temperature measurement sensors. We design, custom engineer and market a comprehensive product range and our expertise and capability allow us to service some of the world’s leading food companies.

Food industry temperature sensors

The temperature of food plays a big role in ensuring that certain products are cooked enough to kill harmful organisms like bacteria. The sensors needed for the measurement of temperature in the food and beverage industry need to be carefully constructed to ensure that there is no product build-up that can be a breeding ground for contaminating bacteria.


A thermocouple is a very popular form of temperature sensor because of its low cost, versatility and ruggedness. It consists of two different metals joined together, making a continuous circuit. When there is a temperature difference between any two points in the circuit, an electromotive force (voltage) occurs. There are several types of thermocouples, constructed from different metals and with differing temperature ranges and accuracies.

Two, three, or four-wire resistance thermometers

A resistance thermometer (RTD) is a temperature-sensing device that changes resistance at a predetermined rate in response to changes in temperature. It is a circuit element whose resistance increases with increasing temperature in a predictable manner. Platinum is the most popular material, though copper and nickel are also used in RTDs. They can be wired in two, three, or four-wire configurations.

Low-pressure and high-pressure thermowells

Thermowells are among the simplest yet least-publicised accessories used in industrial temperature measurement applications. There are many variations of two basic kinds; low pressure and high pressure. They are used to provide isolation between a temperature sensor and the environment with liquid, gas or slurry. A thermowell allows the temperature sensor to be removed and replaced without compromising either the ambient region or the process.

Glass industry temperature sensors

Measuring temperature in the glass industry is one of the most demanding applications for the sensor manufacturer. Pyrosales has had many years of experience in all types of glass industry applications, enabling us to offer the right sensor for these applications.

Temperature control instruments

Pyrosales is the exclusive agent of RKC Instruments, and can thus provide superior control solutions to the temperature market.

Versatile solid-state relays

Since its introduction, the solid-state relay has gained acceptance in many areas which had previously been the sole domain of the EMR or the contactor. Today its applications are almost limitless. Key applications include heat/cool temperature control, motors, lamps, solenoids, valves and transformers. Pyrosales has an extensive range of solid-state relays to cater for all of your control requirements.

Isolated and non-isolated temperature transmitters

Pyrosales is the authorised distributor for S-Products temperature transmitters. No matter what signal input you require we can provide a converter to suit your requirements. They can be supplied as isolated or non-isolated transmitters in either a “hockey-puck” style or in a “Din-rail” mount package.

Handheld temperature monitoring and testing instruments

Pyrosales carries a comprehensive range of handheld instruments to provide for all of your test and monitoring requirements.

IR radiation thermometers

Infrared radiation thermometers measure temperature without contact. The object being measured essentially broadcasts information about its temperature all the time. The physics behind that broadcasting is called Planck’s Law of Thermal Radiation. The IR range falls between the visible portion of the spectrum and radio waves. IR wavelengths are usually expressed in microns, with the IR spectrum extending from 0.7μm to 1,000μm. Only the 0.7μ-14μ micron band is used for IR temperature measurement.