For over a decade Q-Interline has developed, manufactured and marketed spectroscopy-based analysis equipment for quality and process control.
We offer at-line, on-line and in-line solutions for the food, feed, dairy, agricultural and biofuels markets worldwide with Q-Interline solutions. We meet our customers’ analysis requirements, from the laboratory to the process, with innovative analytical solutions, applying correct sampling based on the latest technology.
We offer comprehensive solutions comprising software, hardware, tailored sample handling, training packages and long-term support.

Powerful at-line and laboratory analysers with no scheduled maintenance

The Quant series of at-line and laboratory analysers from Q-Interline combines exceptional spectral performance with low cost of ownership.
All of the Quant solutions are based on the latest generation FT-NIR technology. The Quants have no scheduled maintenance and the light source in the Quant has an expected lifetime of ten years.
Depending on the application, the Quant can be equipped with different sampling accessories. The optimised sampling accessories ensure analytical results of high quality.
No chemical waste is generated using the Quant and the sample containers can be cleaned and re-used, keeping the cost per analysis very low.

Powerful cheese analyser for fast salt analysis

The cutting edge spectral performance of the DairyQuant B3 now makes it possible to analyse salt with high accuracy with NIR, which has so far not been possible.
In seconds, the DairyQuant B3 cheese analyser will provide you with information on the content of your cheese, with regards to fat, protein, moisture, salt, pH and fat in dry matter.

Analyser for butter and spreads

With the DairyQuant B4 analyser from Q-Interline you can obtain fast and accurate results for the composition of your butter and spreads, enabling you to control your process more tightly and generate more profit.
DairyQuant B4 is based on the latest generation FT-NIR and within seconds you will know the content of your butter and spreads, with regards to fat, moisture, salt and other components of interest.

Fast and accurate analyser of flour

In seconds, the FoodQuant B3 will provide information about the content of your flour, including important parameters such as ash, lightness, speck count and moisture, water absorption, dry and wet gluten and protein.
The state-of-the-art spectral performance of the FoodQuant B3 makes it possible to analyse even more components in your sample, making it the natural choice for the flour mill.

Fast and cost- efficient analysis of oils and fats

The LipidQuant FT-NIR from Q-Interline will provide non-destructive analysis of edible oils and fats in seconds. The fast and accurate performance of the LipidQuant C5 makes it possible to substitute time-consuming and cumbersome traditional methods.
The LipidQuant will provide fast results for important components in your oils and fats, such as: IV, % trans, moisture, acid value, free fatty acids, etc.

On-line solutions for the food industry

With the QPA series, Q-Interline is taking FT-NIR from laboratory and at-line to on-line and in-line. The QPA series offers unsurpassed analytical performance, and will provide you with real-time information about your production.
Through many years of experience Q-Interline has developed optimised sampling solutions which will ensure analytical data of high quality.