Russell Fraser Sales (RFS) is a leading supplier of non-destructive testing and inspection equipment in Australia and New Zealand. For the food processing industry we supply ultrasonic thickness gauges, ultraviolet lights, infrared thermometers, leak detection equipment and viewing equipment.

High-quality non-destructive testing and inspection equipment

At RFS we have a wide range of non-destructive testing and inspection equipment for the food processing industry, but we only stock goods of a quality that we can be confident will satisfy our customers.

High-quality inspection equipment is never cheap, but we do have a range that caters to every budget. We have a large range of goods always available in stock for immediate delivery from our Sydney warehouse.

Ultrasonic thickness gauges

Thickness gauging is a critical aspect of the food processing industry, be it for pipes, tanks or hoppers. With over 23 different ultrasonic thickness gauges, we have one for almost every application and budget. Sonatest and Cygnus Instruments are our leading brands.

Infrared thermometers and infrared cameras

Temperature measurement is important in the food industry and our infrared thermometers and infrared cameras have adjustable emissivity.

UV lights for leak testing, damage inspection and rodent urine detection

Spectroline’s range of UV lights can be applied for testing leaks, crack inspection and rodent urine detection. Our ultraviolet lamps come in both mains and battery-operated options.

Leak detection testing is not only available with UV techniques but also using Sonatest’s Soundscan 101, which uses ultrasonic listening for detection of leaks in steam or compressed air, and for detection of electrical arcing and sparking. Losses of steam and compressed air are both dangerous and expensive.

Magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant testing, magnifiers, pit weld gauges and hardness testers

Russell Fraser Sales also provides a range of other equipment, such as CrackTest for magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant testing, magnifiers, pit weld gauges and hardness testers. When it comes to critical equipment the test results have to be accurate. This minimises plant downtime and improves safety and productivity. RFS has equipment for all of your testing needs.