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Turbidity Sensors and Pressure Transmitters

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Satron Instruments innovative process instruments and measuring devices

Satron Instruments designs and manufactures innovative process instruments and smart measurement devices for the food processing industry.

Sensors to measure pressure, differential pressure, turbidity, consistency, temperature, and levels

Our sensors are designed to withstand all cleaning processes such as fully automatic, closed cleaning-in-place (CIP), sterilisation-in-place (SIP), as well as external cleaning.
This puts extremely high requirements on housings, electronics and sensors. This is no problem for Satron instruments, because all components are designed exactly for the expected conditions.
Process fittings free of dead spaces allow up-to-date cleaning and sterilization methods. From our product range you can find sensors to measure pressure, differential pressure, turbidity, consistency, temperature, and level.
We offer also the best installation solutions for various applications. Our products are a combination of latest technology and knowledge of decades. We improve our products to meet customer’s requirements. The Satron sensors are hygienically certified to comply with the EHEDG Type EL and 3A.

Optical analyser for real-time analysis of waste channels

Measuring during the start and end of CIP cycles will provide real-time information on the amount of milk and water currently in the process, which avoids wasting materials and time, by using a single sensor.
Analysing wastewater gives important information about efficiency in the dairy, and can alert clients of possible problems, and prompt a fast response. With the Satron optical analyser, waste and effluent channels can be analysed in real-time.
Other dairy applications include milk fat and milk solids monitoring, interface detection, precise leak, and carry over detection in heat exchangers and evaporators.
Trace contamination in HX cooling lines and cold water reclaim lines can also be detected. Further applications of the Satron optical analyser include CIP return and monitoring, separator control monitoring, and wastewater process controls.

Pressure transmitters for the food processing industry

The V-series of transmitters is suitable for the most demanding process environments, and cover all pressure ranges required in the industry. The transmitter features include excellent temperature behaviour, housing alternatives and the possibility to communicate with our own user interface.
With Satron pAdvisor software and HARTmodem, it is possible to communicate with the transmitters, which allows easy calibration, configuration and diagnosis. With the V-series of transmitters, wetted materials can be selected from a wide range of options.

Ball-type mounting and service valve for pH sensors and turbidity analysers

PASVE is an integrated mounting and isolation valve for process sensors enabling quick, safe and convenient servicing, calibration, and replacement of the transmitter.
PASVE has been used for more than 25 years worldwide, as it improves operational safety, enhances process reliability and eliminates unscheduled process downtime, as well as reducing maintenance costs.
The valve keeps the sensors measuring element right in the process, which eliminates the risk of blockage and false measurements. In addition, the valve has an option to allow automatic online sensor cleaning, without disturbing the process.

About Satron Instruments

In the 1920s, the aircraft factory in Santahamina was established as a department for instrument repairing. In the 1940s, the department moved to Tampere, and became Valmet Instrument Works. From 1998, the business continued as Satron Instruments.
The company’s factory is located in Tampere. Satron’s products are used in more than 60 countries worldwide in the food and chemical industry. Satron has more than 30 distributors globally.

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