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Sampling and Analysis Systems for Food, Liquids, and Slurry

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Sentry Equipment

Sentry Equipment provides sampling systems, conditioning components, and analytical accessories to food and beverage customers worldwide. Solutions allow measuring of steam, liquid, bulk solids, gas, and slurry for development of efficiency, safety, and output of production.

Through the wide range of sample coolers, heat exchangers, chillers, coils, reducers, and regulators help businesses optimise process control and product quality. Customers can analyse data collected in real-time through accurate monitoring and measuring systems.

Optimising steam and water lifecycle processes

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, Sentry Equipment helps customers effectively condition, sample, and measure production environments.

Sentry Equipment’s custom-engineered steam and water analysis systems provide turnkey solutions for a variety of power generation steam and water lifecycle applications. From automated sample conditioning to chemistry services, waste disposal, and corrosion control, the company offers real-time data required for water chemistry control and optimisation. The system designs are based on Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) guidelines.

Automatic and manual samplers for liquids and slurries

Sentry Equipment offers liquid samplers for pipes, tanks, mixers, reactors and sanitary applications. Ranging from 3cm³ sample volume to 200³ per cycle, the rugged stainless steel fixed volume and isolatable automatic samplers can be used for waste effluents, petrochemicals, food, and pharmaceutical process sampling in pipes. Specialist options include alloys and seals, with abrasion-resistant elastomers available for slurry.

For large-sample sizes, the ISOLOK SAG automatic fixed volume sampler minimises fugitive emissions and can be remotely controlled. It can process samples of 50³, 120³, and 200³ per cycle, while the smallest sample size is 3³ and 8³ by the IKLOK SAA Automatic Fixed Volume Sampler.

For sanitary applications, Sentry Equipment’s automatic samplers can serve volumes per cycle from 3³ to 14³. Suitable for milk, juices, and whey, the ISLOK M4KSA conforms to 3-A sanitary standards and uses Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved materials. For higher-viscosity liquids such as slurries and gels, the ISLOK MSD is used for up to 150,000 centipose (cP), and pressures from 30psig (2bar) to 200psig (13.7bar).

Automatic sampling for sanitary bulk solids

The ISOLOK SAK, SAH, and SAE automatic samplers for solid and powder (bulk solids) are used for batches or composites. Suitable for sampling dry and flowable powders, grains, and pellets, they can handle pressurised or atmospheric applications and are available with a flush or extended nose for free-flowing or packed material.

The SAE can collect up to 100³ per cycle and handle particles as large as 19mm.

The Model B1 automatic sampler is suitable for powders, flakes, and pharmaceutical products. It uses a gearmotor-driven auger to bring the sampled product to the discharge point to prevent settling. It conforms to 3-A sanitary standards and ATEX standards, verified through a third-party.

High-quality sampling and custom-engineered systems

Sentry Equipment’s engineers have a high-level of technical competency, which helps the company meet the high-standards of its clients and industry. From standard models to fully custom-engineered systems, Sentry Equipment’s products display expertise in their design and application across a diverse range of industries.

Also available are boiler blowdown heat recovery systems and analytical accessories, as well as individual parts for replacement, such as flow gages, sample containers, and seal kits. In addition, the company can provide calibration and system evaluations, component upgrading and installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Safety, protection, and innovation

Sentry Equipment enables its customers to develop high-performance and safe products by using analytical data to optimise production processes. The company continually researches and develops its product range to find improved ways of sampling. The company has expanded to introduce new products and services, as well as acquiring other firms with strong reputations, expertise, technologies, and reach.

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