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Industrial Sensors for Food Processing

SICK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems, machine vision, encoders and automatic identification products for industrial applications. The company, founded in 1946, has a global presence with almost 50 subsidiaries and participations as well as numerous sales agencies. SICK currently employs more than 6,300 employees worldwide, and achieved sales of €971.3m in 2012.

Efficient solutions for food and beverage production

Food and beverage producers are facing many challenges. Varying customer preferences and smaller households require new products and lead to ever shorter product lifecycles. In addition, producers have to fulfill many regulatory requirements and operate in a highly competitive environment. These are big challenges for companies in the food processing industry.

The key to success is to identify trends by being close to the customer and realize suitable products rapidly.

You can benefit from SICK’s long-standing industry competence in the field of food processing. SICK’s outstanding innovations help you to solve your automation tasks.

Reliable detection

Modern production plants require a high level of flexibility as quick and easy adoption of the production line to another range of products is one of the key success factors in food processing. A fast changeover to a new product or quickly adjusting your processes to other changes, e.g. expanding the capacity of your processing line, can provide competitive advantages. SICK’s solutions provide you with a high-degree of flexibility and efficiency for your work processes.


  • Photoelectric sensors in hygienic design for product detection
  • Proximity sensors for wash-down applications
  • Level, flow and temperature sensors in hygienic design for process monitoring

Customer benefits:

  • Reduction of changeover times
  • Quick reaction to new production requirements possible

Accurate measurements

SICK offers a broad portfolio of quality control products during all stages of your production process. The intelligent sensor technology from SICK ensures a consistently high quality of your product. The optimal integration of SICK solutions in your automation environment provides you with the possibility to easily adapt your product to the required customer needs.


  • 3D smart camera to measure volumes, portions and fill levels

Customer benefits:

  • Accurate measurement allows precise portioning for consistent product quality
  • Minimize packaging problems
  • Reduce waste and optimize production costs

Safe machinery

Protecting persons, machines or other objects – this has top priority in automated production and logistical processes. SICK offers powerful and complete safety solutions for access protection, and for protecting hazardous areas and points-of-operation combined with expert service to provide assistance to your needs worldwide.


  • Modular safety controller with decentralized integration design enables cost-saving cascading of safety switches and sensors within a machine module

Customer benefits:

  • Increased productivity through innovative safety solutions
  • Expert service technicians provide assistance worldwide
  • Designed for easy setup
  • SICK solutions comply with international safety standards

Identification solutions

The ability to follow individual steps in production processes is becoming increasingly important as it enables continuous tracking of products and ensures safe production of food and beverages. SICK’s identification solutions enable precise acquisition of all relevant information throughout all stages of the entire production process.


  • Identification solutions to scan, identify and verify bar codes (1D, 2D) and texts (OCR) on products, cartons or shipping cases

Customer benefits:

  • Precise production process tracking
  • Identify counterfeit products
  • High degree of flexibility in the application
  • Significantly reduces manual workflow

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