Thermo Scientific product inspection and processing equipment helps to protect your brands by ensuring the quality, accuracy, efficiency and safety of your products.

Did you know…

  • One piece of bone = millions of dollars in lost sales and years of brand damage
  • One tiny, 2mm metal piece = average of $8m in recall and rework expenses
  • One gram of overfill = more than $100,000 of lost profit per year
  • Savings earned by installing an in-line analyzer will pay for the instrument within six months

Those are four great reasons to invest in Thermo Scientific product inspection and processing equipment. With more than 50 years of making sure little things don’t turn into big problems, we know that little things can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Product inspection and accuracy equipment

Control under-fill and over-fill, instantly analyze and measure moisture content, or detect contaminants in packaged, bulk and piped food and in pharmaceuticals with Thermo Scientific product inspection products. From the accuracy of our checkweighers and the sensitivity of our metal detectors, to the performance of our X-ray systems and efficiency of our in-line food analyzers, we protect your brand and keep your operations running smoothly.

With thousands of systems installed around the world, we deliver reliable solutions through our application knowledge, equipment performance and unmatched customer care. Detect contaminants and protect your brand with Thermo Scientific product inspection and accuracy equipment.


Thermo Scientific checkweighers for food, beverage, consumer products and pharmaceuticals provide high accuracy and high speed to combine the latest checkweighing technology with a variety of weighframes to meet demanding applications.

X-ray inspection systems

Thermo Scientific X-ray inspection systems provide complete protection from metal, glass, stone and other dense foreign objects in packaged materials and are available in a wide range of models from entry level to high-performance systems.

Metal detectors for food / pharmaceutical products

Thermo Scientific metal detection systems provide a high level of performance, ease of use and reliability for a variety of applications from packaged, piped and bulk food to pharmaceutical products.

In-line food constituent analyzer

The Thermo Scientific e scan in-line food analyzer uses guided microwave spectrometry (GMS) technology to instantly analyze and measure moisture content, fat, protein, and salt properties in food products that pass through a pipe. By providing crucial product content and consistency information to a fraction of a percent, the e scan analyzer improves process efficiency and product quality, resulting in significant cost savings.

Product Assurance Services & Solutions (PASS)

Detect. Recover. Protect Your Brand. Thermo Scienitfic Product Assurance Services & Solutions (PASS) offers inspection of products for a wide range of dense contaminants, product damage, defects, missing products, over or underfilled packages, to minimize brand damage and ensure maximum product recovery.

Thermo Scientific PASS provides you with a fast, confidential way to have your product thoroughly tested and inspected when you suspect contamination or non-conformity. Using state-of-the-art Thermo Scientific X-ray and metal detection systems, our staff is experienced at detecting ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless-steel metals, glass, stone, bone, PVC-based plastics and rubber – plus a number of other dense contaminants.

Product inspection service agreements and maintenance

Thermo Scientific service agreements and maintenance provide the responsive personal attention you expect from the world leader in product inspection.

Let us take care of the little things that keep you up at night by investing in a Thermo Scientific service agreement. We will ensure minimum downtime, priority response times and known costs that are all tailored to your individual needs.