Advanced Food Equipment (AFE) designs, engineers and manufactures the freezer products for their specialist environments.

Using 3D modeling, lazer-cutting and robotic welding, AFE employs the latest technology to produce customized equipment that’s energy-efficient, cost-effective and hygienic. AFE’s personal touch and superior technology guarantees the finest in food processing, storage and flash-freezing.

Spiral freezers

With 600lb/h-18,000lb/h production capability, the packaged spiral freezer from AFE installs in a few days, is easy to move and clean, and ensures unsurpassed hygiene with features such as an all-welded stainless steel enclosure system backed by an industry leading ten-year warranty. Drives and bearings are located outside the machine, floor systems are raised and sloped to integrate drains, evaporators are stainless steel tubes, wiring is pre-done and CIP cleaning system options ensure efficient cleaning.

The site-built spiral freezer is manufactured to recognized food industry standards and custom-designed to fit your specific processing and space requirements. This flexible option offers the same leading advantages of ensuring long-term hygiene and reliable operation, while shipping in smaller pieces for flexibility of required site assembly.

Tunnel freezers

The IQF tunnel (belt) freezer represents the height of safety and trouble-free operation. While AFE tunnel freezers lead the industry in vegetable and fruit processing, AFE further excels with an ultra-hygienic tunnel freezer with unsurpassed design levels sought out by leading meat processors for safe and reliable processing. All stainless steel construction with hygienic designs, focusing on ease of cleaning, is one of AFE’s repeated standards, sought after by today’s leading processors. These long-term advantages are provided to clients at the most cost-effective price levels on the market.

Meanwhile, the IQF tunnel (plate) freezer is designed to optimize efficiency and maintenance, using a stainless steel perforated tray. By forcing high-velocity air through the tray, products are fluidized with maximal sanitation.

Drag-through dolly freezer

AFE’s drag-through dolly freezer is specially designed to freeze a range of packaged products such as poultry, sea foods, red meat, yogurt and vegetable packages. Manually adjusted conveyor lanes give users complete control over their speed, enabling you to simultaneously freeze multiple types of packaged products.

Contact belt freezer

For wet, soft or high-moisture products, the contact belt freezer uses solid stainless steel / polyethylene belting or solid aluminum belt modules combined with high-velocity air flow to decrease freezing times and dehydration loss. It’s the freezing solution for raw meat, fish fillets, squid, scallops, injected meats or products formed in a delicate shape requiring rapid crust freezing.

Hybrid tunnel freezer

The AFE hybrid tunnel freezer combines AFE’s extensive knowledge of IQF freezing with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The AFE hybrid modules reduce energy usage by 25%-30% between the freezer and compressor engine room. Integrated features incude ultra-efficient configuration of fan motor / fan wheels, unique drive and agitator couplings, all stainless steel frame construction, stainless steel tube coils and custom designed air plenum chambers.

From fruits to vegetables, and with exceptional features specifically for potato and French fry processing, the AFE hybrid tunnel is the most advanced, efficient, cost-effective and hygienic option available to the food processing market today.

AFE continually strives to lead the industry with the most cost-effectively produced freezing and cooling solutions upholding the most hygienic, efficient, durable and maintenance-friendly designs.

European FoodeQ collaboration

In conjunction with food processing solutions company FoodeQ, which is based in Dinteloord, the Netherlands, AFE’s cooling and freezing solutions are now available for the European market. For more information, click here.

To watch our brief and informative introductory commerical, click here.