Duotank designs and manufactures tank beer systems and logistical solutions for the food processing industry.

Tankbeer systems for breweries

Duotank has been developing the tank beer system for more than 35 years, which includes a bag-in-tank concept for optimal quality.

The system decreases beer distribution costs as it does not require kegs. Research shows that savings of up to 70% can be made when implementing tank beer solutions. A ROI calculation model, based on more than 60 variables, is available for each brewery.

Featuring a fully cooled supply chain, the tank beer system facilitates beer distribution, promoting a more efficient process.

Protection of beer from external influences

Duotank’s system allows beer tank deliveries to be dealt with one person without the need to return and clean empty kegs. Beer tanks use recyclable airtight plastic bags and only require quick cleaning of the connection.

When using tank beer systems for distributing beer, the entire process is cooled and protected from external influences as the bag-in-tank system allows beer to be stored in plastic bags.

This ensures no additional CO2 is required to pump beer out of the tanks, allowing normal compressed air to process beer from the tank to the tap.

Cooled beer tanks for consistent temperature

Duotank provides cooled beer tanks, even during transportation, to ensure it stays at the same temperature for the entire process.

All these factors lead to the best possible conservation of beer quality and increases the lifetime of the beer, with most breweries guaranteeing perfect quality for up to 12 weeks.

The company offers a wide range of beer tank capacities, which start from 250l.

About Duotank

Founded in 1985, Duotank creates, develops, and optimises high-quality tank beer systems.

Duotank works with some of the largest breweries in the world, which has allowed the company to create solutions to address issues experienced during the distribution process.