NRS Process Systems provides safe, reliable and efficient systems for applications requiring cooling, freezing or gas compression. From simple water chillers, freezers and ice machines to multi-stage, multi-temperature central refrigeration plants, our capabilities reflect both the technical and commercial aspects of the projects that we have successfully erected all over Malaysia and in the surrounding regions.

We have been successfully integrating equipment for a variety of applications – including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, and gas compressor systems – for over 20 years. Talk to us about your cooling, freezing or gas compression needs.

Automatic ice storage and delivery systems

We have many years of experience with ice systems, particularly for automatic high-volume ice storage and delivery for a variety of applications, from food-based to industrial ice thermal energy storage (TES) systems.

Typical applications include fish and seafood icing, meat and poultry icing, produce icing and concrete icing.

TES systems:

  • Turbine inlet air cooling
  • Office building cooling
  • Process cooling

Automatic ice storage and dispensing systems:

  • Ice storage, 20t-400t
  • Ice delivery, 10t/hr-40t/hr

Contact freezers and plate freezers

We offer a complete range of plate freezers for the freezing of block frozen products such as shrimps, fish paste (surimi) or ready meals. Our hydraulic freezers offer excellent reliability, with Teflon-lined hoses, hydraulic packs, and high-quality marine-aluminium freezing plates and stainless-steel cabinets.

Our Nj3 combination air-blast plate freezers offer reliable, effective and economical freezing of block products.

Gas compression systems

In co-operation with the company Gas Compressors we have been developing gas compression systems for a variety of gas applications, including natural gas, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, digester gases, methane and propane. Together, our combined resources and expertise provide comprehensive solutions, from gas compression systems to a variety of products such as gas turbine or natural wellhead gas boosters.

Other areas of expertise include landfill gases or vapour recovery units for polypropylene, carbon dioxide, butane and propane systems with ASME or TEMA-rated vessels.

Fluid chillers

Our standard or custom-designed fluid chillers offer high reliability and efficiency for a variety of custom applications, from office cooling, food refrigeration and process cooling to thermal storage.

Custom-designed chillers:

  • Cold water to 1°С
  • Poultry ‘Red-Water’ chillers
  • Glycol chillers for beer, beverages and soft drinks
  • Low-temp glycol chillers for process cooling or freezing
  • Chillers for concrete cooling

Refrigeration systems for refrigerated warehouses

Our refrigeration systems serve a wide variety of storage applications with controlled temperature and humidity levels for your specific requirements. Typical applications include:

  • Storage of fresh fruit or vegetables
  • Confectionary or bakery products
  • Pre-frozen cargo
  • Chemical storages
  • Food distribution or logistic depots

Custom-designed refrigeration plants

Our custom-designed refrigeration plants are designed for reliability, high efficiency and safety. They are field-erected or factory-integrated. Other features include:

  • Reciprocating or screw compressors
  • Wide refrigerant capability (ammonia, halocarbon, hydrocarbon, etc.)
  • Motor control centres (MCC)
  • PLC, microprocessor controls

Support services for refrigeration equipment

We offer a range of customer care services to support our refrigeration equipment, including design and engineering; application and technical services; energy and system audits; training; field services; compressor overhauls; and parts and accessories.