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Chemical-Free Air Purifier Solutions

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JIMCO is a leading provider of innovative air purification and sterilisation solutions for the food processing industry. The company’s mission is to help its clients breathe healthily and feel safe in their surroundings.
JIMCO’s technology is based on UV-C light and ozone, which combined together can reduce bacteria and viruses in the air by 99.99% within a few hours.

Chemical-free air purification systems

JIMCO’s air purifier system is unique in that it works without any filters or chemicals. The mission behind the products is to have a chemical-free world and to offer clean air solutions suitable for anyone, anywhere.
All our products are environmentally friendly and have received the European Business award for the environment. We are also the only company in the world with Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) for our Kitchen Pollution Control (KPC) system.

UV-C and ozone technology for air purification

Inspired by nature and the sun’s function, JIMCO systems recreate the sun’s rays. These rays temporarily make oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3), which is highly reactive and easily disrupts the core of a virus or bacteria.
After reacting with the virus / bacteria, the ozone turns back into oxygen. This process takes place in the company’s unique lamps placed in most of its products.
While this is a naturally occurring cleaning process, it does not normally exist indoors. Through this environmentally friendly process, JIMCO purifies the air being breathed in and disinfects the surfaces being touched.

Air purification systems for factories, hospitality and private use

Our technology is known all over the world, with applications used not only in food processing facilities but in other industrial factories, offices, hospitality, cruise liners, schools, healthcare environments, private homes and more.
As an example, we have installed our largest air purifier systems in food and fish factories to help them reduce smell, smoke, grease and odours. Removing these microorganisms optimises the working environment in the factories, as well as the quality of the food produced. The technology also reduces CO2 emissions.
We have selections of compact cleaners that can be used in every home or office 24/7. Within three hours, the small machines reduce viruses and bacteria by 99.9%, making it feel safer to be in the room. Our compacts cleaners are also placed at restaurants such as McDonalds and Scandic hotels.


With more than 25 years of experience, JIMCO has tested all its products to ensure each is high-quality, safe and effective. Our products have documented effect, which can be read in full on our website.
JIMCO was founded by Jimmy K Larsen in 1993 in Denmark. All JIMCO products are made in Denmark and our passion is to deliver a high standard of service to ensure each custom has a great experience.

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