Jimco is the company behind some of the world’s most unique air and wastewater purification and sterilisation solutions. The company supplies its products to a large number of industries and institutions worldwide. Jimco’s customer base is comprised of factories within the food industry, commercial kitchens, wastewater treatment plants, schools and nursing homes. In brief, Jimco undertakes all types of projects – large and small.

Jimco combines an understanding of the purification requirements in industry today with innovative thinking, as the basis of the company’s unique patented products. It is no coincidence that Jimco supplies air-treatment units to some of the biggest chains in the food industry, hotel line and restaurant line.


Exhaust systems of industrial fryers, cookers and smoking ovens can use Jimco air cleaning systems to clean hot and heavy grease-loaded air from industrial fryers and Teflon® ovens.

Because of the average high exhaust-volume, the usage of bio filters and thermal oxidations results in high investment and operational costs. UV-C / ozone exhaust air technology from Jimco offers an efficient and cheap alternative for the elimination of odour and bacteria from exhaust air streams in comparison to existing technologies.

Jimco FLO-P air cleaning systems are designed to deliver with significantly low operating costs – the energy consumption for the elimination of approximately 3,000m³/h, for example, is only about 8kW.


With the effect of UV-C light and the ozone, both the effective elimination of bacteria and viruses from drinking water, and air or surface sterilisation of packaging lines and materials, process air etc, is guaranteed – even in places where mechanical cleaning processes do not provide satisfactory results.


Jimco can also provide the pre-treatment of organically polluted wastewater from the food industry without any chemical additives (such as COD, BOD, BI5, SS, fat and oil).

Although no chemicals are used, our wastewater pre-treatment ozone application reduces the organic load of the wastewater to such an extent that the water can be floated directly into the public wastewater network. In contrast to existing flotation systems, the ozone wastewater pre-treatment application works without odour and thus provides low energy-consumption. The remaining sludge is free from chemical pollution and can therefore be used to feed animals.


Jimco UV-C / ozone technology is an environmentally friendly solution for air purification systems for the exhaust systems in commercial kitchens. The fat-contaminated air from the cooking and frying process passes through the fat filter of the hood or kitchen ceiling, and is then cleaned by passing through the UV-C / ozone cleaning system.

The UVC / ozone cleaning system provides efficient reduction of organic and smell-carrying particles in the contaminated air by photolytic oxidation of the organic components and its change into biodegradable molecules.

Jimco technology offers the following advantages:

  • Low fire risk
  • Low investment and low running cost
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance costs because of grease-free duct works
  • Elimination of odour
  • Heat recovery possible
  • No usage of chemicals – no corrosion
  • No micro-organisms within the ducts, bringing improved hygienic conditions
  • 100% fan efficiency
  • Power and duration of fans significantly improved

We have references within a variety of countries in Europe, the US and Asia. Companies who have benefited from our products include Oxytec, Jimco Ireland, Jimco Nor, Elgin Bay Consultants, Shouvalim and Jimco Asia Pacific.

Jimco has been awarded a number of prizes for its products, including the EU’s environmental award, the environmental award of the region of Funen, ‘Fyns Amts Miljøpris’ and the business excellence award ‘Langelands Erhvervspris’.