Oli Vibrators has a wide range of off-the-shelf vibrators and pneumatic hammers for use in food production processes, such as flour and animal feed mills, as well as pasta and noodle makers.

Its vibration technology can be used for loading and unloading of powders and granules, as well as for handling and storage. Other applications include sifting, homogenisation, and mixing. The technology is based on the idea of vibration used as an energy vector, created using electric motors with either eccentric rotating or pneumatic hammers for pressure-release.

Milling, avoiding ratholing and bridging flow issues

In flour production, uncooked grains, roots, and seeds are milled in heavy steel or cast iron rollers. These separate the endosperm from the bran and germ, which may be later mixed together again along with additives to make different types of flour. Oli Vibrators manufactures equipment for the de-dusting, conveying, and handling of flour and other similar dry-bulk materials in and around the milling process.

Oli Vibrator’s Martshock PS Single Impact Pneumatic Hammer helps prevent sticking issues in silos using a shockwave. After processing, bulk products are stored temporarily in a silo at the mill and fine grains such as flour have a tendency of sticking to the walls, causing build-ups when removed for transport. The Martshock PS Single Impact Pneumatic Hammer is secured to the wall by a mounting plate and it generates a single impact to improve flour flow.

The device also helps reduce bridging or ratholing issues, with high-performance and easy installation. It can operate at pressures between 3bar and 6bar and is suitable for outdoor or indoor use. Its external parts are made with galvanised steel and it can be used either alone or with other hammers by activating those at the bottom of the silo first and moving progressively upwards.

Pneumatic vibrators and motovibrators for sticking or granulating powders

In addition to the Single Impact Hammer, pneumatic vibrators or motovibrators can be used to prevent ratholing and bridging. These products are best suited for materials with a coarser particle size, or powders that tend to granulate. Oli Vibrator’s Cushioned Piston Vibrators are designed for indoor use and are available in four sizes. Vibration is generated in the Linear-K series by an internal floating piston, rather than through an impact.

The MVE External Motovibrator dislodges sticking material using centrifugal force. A sinusoidal centrifugal force is made by rotating eccentric weights, which results in a circular movement. A linear movement can be caused by counter-rotation when using two MVEs.

The device can produce between 20kg and 26,000kg with the use of two, four, six, or eight poles. Its solid and durable design has ETL Class II, division 2 certification, meaning it is safe for application with potentially flammable dusts.

Fluidising dry bulk food materials ready for transportation

Following storage, dry bulk products need moving from the mill to the next step in the production chain via a bulk trailer transporter. Oli Vibrator’s VBT Quick Flow is a vibro-aerator, which provides an innovative solution for the loading and unloading of dry bulk materials.

The device is food-grade and UL94-compliant and is suitable for a variety of environmental conditions. VBT Quick Flow fluidises the flour or other dry materials, with its new versatile design meaning it can handle a large temperature range and helps protect the environment. It also has a lower operating pressure and reduced air consumption.

About Oli Vibrators

Oli has seven manufacturing plants, which produce industrial vibration technology for many industries including the chemical and pharmaceutical, mining, steel, and food. Oli’s worldwide customers have access to a growing number of subsidiaries. Each carries the slogan ‘when you need it, where you need it’, which captures the company’s strategy of rapid stock delivery.