As the world’s leading expert in spray technology, Spraying Systems Co. has the knowledge and resources to meet your spray challenges. Whether you’re involved in meat and poultry processing, beverage production, dairy processing or food processing operations, spray technology is vital to your product quality and production efficiency. Below are just a few of the areas where we can help improve your operations.

Water savings audits maximise water conservation

There are dozens of changes you can make to consume less water without compromising performance in your processing and sanitation operations. Contact your local Spraying Systems Co. sales engineer to schedule a water savings audit or to request our new ‘Technical Manual 415 – Change the Way You Spray to Maximise Water Conservation’.

Spray nozzles increase coating precision and minimise waste

Coating with egg, butter and sugar solutions, lubricating pans and spraying mould inhibitors, and flavours and colours can be complex. We have dozens of spray nozzles and turnkey systems to ensure product quality, increase production, improve efficiency and decrease maintenance time – even if you’re spraying viscous liquids.

Modular spray systems

AutoJet® modular spray systems ensure consistent coating weights on your product every time by monitoring and automatically adjusting automatic spray nozzles for changes in line speed. Precise intermittent spraying puts the coating only where you need it, reducing liquid usage and manual clean-up.

Heated spray systems

AccuCoat® heated spray systems overcome the challenges of applying thick coatings such as oil, butter and chocolate. By precisely controlling coating temperature and atomising air temperature throughout the completely jacketed system, the system allows lighter coating weights and ensures consistent product quality. The spray controller provides precise spray timing and accurate temperature and flow control.

Antimicrobial spray systems ensure food safety

AutoJet® antimicrobial spray systems help processors of ready-to-eat and fresh meats ensure product safety, increase productivity and reduce chemical use by eliminating slower, more expensive post-pasteurisation techniques.

Spray guns and spray nozzles improve plant sanitation and automated tank cleaning

Most plants have dozens of cleaning requirements. CU150 GunJet® spray guns offer an adjustable spray pattern for general plant clean-up while VeeJet®, FlatJet® and ProMax QuickJet® nozzles can be provided in a wide range of spray headers for conveyor washing and for other cleaning applications.

3A nozzles for CIP applications and a wide variety of stationary and rotating tank wash nozzles are available to clean all types of tanks and vessels. Custom sanitation lances are also available to ensure proper nozzle positioning.

Air nozzles and air knives provide efficient drying and blow-off

WindJet® air nozzles offer the highest impact of all air control products and are widely used to remove excess water from detailed objects with crevices or rounded objects that require the highest air velocities. WindJet low-flow air knives use very small amounts of compressed air to produce a high-velocity, uniform air stream and are well suited for conveyors less than 0.6m wide.

WindJet blower air knives use a regenerative blower to produce clean, heated air and are ideal for use in larger areas where the conveyor is more than 0.6m wide.

Spray dry nozzles to control particle size and consistency

Spraying Systems Co.’s SprayDry® nozzles have been widely used around the world for decades. We’ve continued to refine our line of products, adding features to improve performance, increase versatility, extend wear life and speed maintenance. For spray drying milk, coffee, detergents, flavourings, dye stuffs, soaps and more, we’ve got the nozzles you need.

More spray applications

  • Pasteurising, cooling and washing
  • Cleaning, coating and drying operations in can manufacturing