TAMI Industries (Advanced Technologies & Industrial Membranes) is a French company established in 1993, situated in Nyons, Drôme, in the south of France. TAMI Industries conceives, manufactures and commercialises tangential filtration plate and tubular membranes used in liquids treatment (microfiltration, ultrafiltration and fine ultrafiltration).

The company produces its own ceramic supports in its subsidiary in Germany, and then transforms the supports in its headquarters in Nyons into membranes with active layers deposits.

TAMI Industries is ISO 9001:2008 certified. It is a company with a strong technicality, with specialists in separative techniques, material sciences, process engineering and chemical engineering.

Tubular ceramic filtration membranes

The originality of tubular TAMI Industries’ products is issued from innovative and very specific shapes (non-circular channels), which permit a filtration area increase versus competitors’ products.

TAMI Industries offers an extensive membranes range, from laboratory-scale up to industrial applications. TAMI Industries’ products are also capable of easily retrofitting the membranes of its competitors.

Ceramic membranes for food and beverage production

Ceramic membranes, and in particular TAMI Industries’ membranes, offer advantages with regard to organic membranes:

  • Pure material TiO2
  • Resistance to pressure >90 bars
  • Resistance to high temperatures >250°C
  • Chemical resistance: resistant to acids and basis including floridric and phosphoric acids concentrated; resistant to solvents; pH 0-14 without restriction

The main areas of applications for TAMI Industries’ membranes are:

  • Food and beverage (concentration of milk and its derivates: milk proteins, cheese, beverages clarification, juices, sugar)
  • Bio-pharma industries (fermentation broths, vaccines, active principles, antibiotics, enzymes, human blood derivatives)
  • Environment (industrial effluents treatment, cutting-oil, degreasing baths, flexographic inks effluents, depollution, COD and BOD reduction, etc.)

Worldwide supply of ceramic filtration membranes

80% of TAMI Industries’ turnover is realised in export sales. The company has four subsidiaries:

  • TAMI Deutschland (TD) located in Germany
  • TAMI North America (TNA) located in Canada
  • TAMI Separation Technologies (TST) located in China
  • TAMI Latina (TLA) located in Mexico

TAMI Industries sells its products in the other countries through a network. It sells to Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

With more than 24 international patents and 100,000m² of ceramic membranes sold so far, TAMI Industries is at present the second largest membranes manufacturer in the world.