Propharma lead

Propharma Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated organisation specialising in providing customised manufacturing solutions for dry powders.

GMP-Certified, Purpose-Built Manufacturing Facility

Scope of operations:

  • Pharmaceutical powders
  • Human foods
  • Cosmetic powders

Our Capabilities

Propharma’s capabilities include:

  • New product development / vitamin and mineral formulations
  • Blending / mixing of dry powders (addition of liquids / oils is feasible)
  • Particle size reduction, segregation / sieving and grating
  • Packing / re-packing
  • Gas flushing and vacuum sealing
  • Handling ORGANIC, ALLERGEN FREE materials

Special Manufacturing Method for Each Client; Batch by Batch Processing

Propharma’s capacities are:

  • Blending: From 10kg trial batches to 1,500kg commercial batches
  • Packing: From 5g to 1,000kg
    – Foil sachets, coffee bags, customised packaging items, jars, pails / buckets,
    – Polywoven bags, paper bags, bulk bags and export containers
  • Milling / sifting: 10mm to 180µ
Current licenses and accreditations:
Industry Clients / Processes
Pharmaceuticals • MNCs and local Australian businesses requiring pre-processing of their ingredients
• API suppliers requiring refining and repacking of their products
Human foods • MNCs and local Australian businesses requiring vitamin and mineral premixes for their final products
• Artisan bakeries and boutique cafes requiring processing and packing / repacking of their products
• Ice-creams, chocolate and confectionery clients
• Raw material suppliers requiring pre-processing to meet customer requirements

Propharma offers a range of quality assurance services to each client:

  • Electronic traceability. We can trace each lot of each material processed at Propharma within two hours
  • Complaints handling and CAPA reporting
  • Supporting documentation for export products
  • Allergen control and management
  • Product testing to assess activity, microbial loads, stability, allergens etc

Propharma offers a highly flexible customer service in the form of:

  • Trial runs to assess project feasibility
  • Small batches to meet urgent requirements
  • 24 to 48 hour turnaround times to meet impromptu deadlines
  • Local transport on agreed terms
  • Short-term storage on agreed terms

A contract manufacturer for over 40 years, Propharma has mastered the art of providing swift and effective manufacturing services to local and international organisations. Our established quality systems ensure that our clients’ products meet the highest level of compliance, along with the satisfaction of local manufacturing and support services.

We respect and protect each client’s and project’s confidentiality, so the first thing we will ask for is a confidentiality agreement in the client’s interest.