BlueScope Buildings specialises in engineered structural systems for the food processing technology.

BlueScope Buildings specialises in engineered building solutions for the food processing and beverage industries.

Building solutions for the food and beverage segments

BlueScope designs logistic hubs and facilities for a range wide of applications such as food production, beverage and syrup production, warehousing, bottling distribution, as well as research and development.

The company customises projects to ensure they meet the challenges experienced by the owners of food processing, beverage and bottling facilities.

BlueScope’s team addresses a range of issues, including bays / modules, conveyor equipment, insurance requirements and assembly specifications.

The company works with the client to accommodate their specific needs, including the development of clean and cool rooms, appropriate drainage and ventilation systems, and health and safety support.

Optimal framing solutions can be developed to reduce the amount of construction materials.

Sustainable stainless steel frames and structures

BlueScope produces 100% recyclable stainless steel frames and structures, which are composed of more than 70% recycled content. Metal roof and wall panels have up to 20% recycled content.

Anchor bolt reactions let foundation engineers create custom designs instead of using a conservative design approach to accommodate unknown reactions, which reduces costs.

Hybrid building solutions

BlueScope provides hybrid solutions that combine engineered building systems and conventional design elements for optimal performance.

The company offers centralised programme management by leveraging regional business units that focus on production, engineering and detailing, with the manufacturing and shipping of building solutions.

BlueScope also supplies warranties, workmanship, paint finishes and weather tightness on selected building products.

About BlueScope Buildings

BlueScope has 18 manufacturing facilities on four continents and multiple sales offices worldwide.

The company aims to reduce the impact that buildings have on the environment through the design, construction and operation of its systems.

BlueScope works with multinational corporations and its services meet four out of six categories by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) to ensure sustainability.

Regional plants are used for nearby production and located near many building sites to reduce transportation costs.