Essential Solar is a high-quality retailer, designer and installer of commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.
Our commercial solar energy solutions are designed to meet the unique energy profile and commercial requirements of your business.
Our approach ensures your investment provides the shortest possible payback period and the greatest long-term financial return while helping your business reduce its environmental impact.
We only install premium solar products, backed by market leading warranties so you can be confident that your investment will offer you performance, reliability and savings well into the future.

Commercial solar panels for food processing applications

Installing solar panels on your buildings can have a significant, immediate and lasting financial impact on your business.
Electricity price rises are a regular consideration for Australian businesses and installing solar removes this uncertainty. It also allows you to reduce business risk and confidently budget future energy costs, as well as provide high financial returns.
A carefully designed commercial solar energy system will provide immediate cost reduction, and when coupled with green finance, can offer minimal capital outlay and be cash flow positive from day one.

Energy profile and solar generation modelling analysis

Every business is different and has a unique energy profile.
Before Essential Solar installs a commercial solar energy system, the company carries out a comprehensive analysis of the energy usage of the business to obtain an in-depth understanding of your energy consumption patterns. This includes time of day, day of week and seasonal variations allowing us to optimise the benefits of your commercial solar investment.
Essential Solar then undertakes in-depth solar generation modelling allowing for the unique physical aspects of your property, seasonal solar generation capacity and local grid capacity.
Your energy consumption profile is then overlayed against your solar generation model. Essential Solar then prepares a solar business case, which details your initial outlay, payback period, potential savings, finance options and return on investment. We will also advise on the best solar panels and inverters for your commercial needs.

Premium commercial solar panels

Essential Solar are a Fronius Solutions Partner Plus and SunPower Authorised Partner, which enables the company to use the best commercial solar products.
Our partnerships ensure that you will receive not only the most technically advanced solar panels and inverters available, but also products that offer high efficiency and are supported by established companies with effective warranties.
All of our commercial solar energy systems include comprehensive system monitoring and analytics to ensure optimal return on investment.

About Essential Solar

Essential Solar has a long history in commercial and industrial electrical work. We specialised in industrial automation prior to making the strategic decision to focus only on solar energy in 2012.
This experience means that we are uniquely positioned to understand the technical challenges that face industrial and manufacturing businesses when moving to cleaner energy sources, and the opportunities that solar energy presents to improve both financial and environmental outcomes.
Contact Essential Solar today to request a free solar energy analysis for your business.