The time for problematic energy loss in your business is over, at Evo Energy Technologies, our cogeneration solutions take the most important and challenging problem for all industries – managing energy efficiency and solves this issue once and for all!

Our cogeneration units utilise natural gas or biogas for on-site electricity and thermal power generation. They can be easily integrated into heat production, cooling, industrial and agricultural settings or any other decentralised commercial location.

Our cogeneration technology delivers continuous peak performance, enormous reduction in carbon emissions and huge cost savings.

  • Energy efficiencies of up to 90% at the point of use, translated into significant reductions in operational costs. You’ll see exponential growth, improved competitiveness and cost benefits in the years and decades to come.
  • High fuel efficiency of up to 104% correlates with low carbon dioxide emissions perk kWh of electricity and heat generated. Our cogeneration solutions are an economically productive way to reduce environmental impact through carbon dioxide reduction.
  • A compact all-in-one cogeneration design has a thermal distribution system and integrated control and switchgear. They consume up to 75% less fuel than conventional electricity and gas boilers. They convert gaseous fuel into electrical and thermal energy in an extremely energy efficient way.
  • The decentralised cogeneration plant reduces reliance on a centralised power source, such as large-scale coal or gas power plant. This reduces strain on the grid and reduces your business’s vulnerability to power outages. It also means that your business isn’t subjected to the vagaries of peak time energy costs and demand charges

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