Hydroflux Industrial

Hydroflux Industrial provides water and wastewater treatment services, technologies, and processes to industry. It operates globally through its network of overseas offices and agents.

The company’s services can be applied in a variety of aspects of food processing, including in meat and potato processing, and for dairies. These areas produce large amounts of wastewater. Water is needed for processes from the cleaning of raw materials, to equipment and machines, and using this essential resource carefully can help reduce costs.

Hydroflux Industrial offers treatment both through its own proprietary systems and through partnerships with leading global wastewater treatment equipment suppliers.

Industrial wastewater treatment

Hydroflux Industrial offers a wide range of specialised equipment for treating industrial wastewater, including a range of HUBER screening options, clarifiers and the newest generation of dissolved air flotation HyDAF, and advanced secondary and tertiary treatment options for meeting stringent discharge standards.

The company’s products include chemical storage, batching, and dosing systems, sequencing batch reactor HySMART SBR, and moving Bed Biofilm reactor FlooBed® MBBR.

External circulation sludge bed HydroThane STP® ECSB High-Rate Anaerobic Process is also on offer, as well as the Aerostrip™ Fine Bubble Diffuser and the Neutralox Advanced Odour Control.

Management for primary and secondary sludge

Industrial wastewater treatment will produce both primary and secondary sludge.

Hydroflux Industrial can select from a range of equipment, including the HUBER QPress, Centrifuge, Belt Press, and Chamber Press. This variety enables the company to find a treatment plan specifically suited to a type of sludge.

Advanced odour control

Hydroflux Industrial offers advanced odour control to complement its wastewater treatment products. The Neutralox Photoionisation system is robust and highly effective at odour control and suits industrial applications.

When compared to bio filters, chemical scrubbers, and activated carbon filters, the Neutralox Photoionisation process has a lower capital and operating cost in a neat, clean design.

Turnkey wastewater treatment specialist expertise

Hydroflux Industrial’s water and wastewater treatment service solutions are tailored to suit client needs.

The company’s turnkey solutions are not reproductions and will include a selection of equipment to match expectations and deliver on performance.

As industry specialists, Hydroflux Industrial excels in providing solutions for all industrial businesses including:

  • Meat processing
  • Dairy effluent
  • General food and beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Power generation
  • Construction and tunneling