Lab45 is an Australian company specialising in turnkey projects and engineering services in the poultry, beverage and food processing industries.

Conveyor systems

Lab45 can help clients maximise their factory space through its AQIS and FDA component-approved belt and interlocking conveyor systems. Whether it is stainless-steel conveyor systems, packaging and box-handling systems, or conveyor system maintenance programmes, Lab45’s systems can be customised according to any requirements, or manufactured as an off-the-shelf turnkey solution.

We take an innovative approach to our products, always ensuring they feature the latest industry developments and technological advances. Our machines are fitted with antibacterial technologies, and are Ingress Protection (IP) rated.

Conveyor systems require daily cleaning and upkeep, particularly if they are used in the food processing industry. Lab45’s conveyor systems are designed to be streamlined and require little maintenance. Designed using only the most durable and highest quality parts, users find a reduction in their sanitation downtime, and as a result a reduction in their chemicals and water expenditure. The optimal design of Lab45 conveyor systems also creates a reduction in conveyor noise and maintenance costs, and they can be customised to transport heavy, lightweight, small and bulky cargo.

Food processing systems

Lab45 consults with clients to analyse their current food processing system, and offers alternatives to improve capacity and reduce downtimes and maintenance overheads. All of its systems are fitted with antibacterial technologies to reduce sanitation downtimes, and consequently cleaning and maintenance costs. After installation, Lab45 staff provide comprehensive training modules that monitor the progress and efficiency of staff in line with operating the new system.

Project management, consultancy and design

With more than 30 years of experience in the food processing industry, Lab45 has the knowledge and skills to help clients reach their project goals and targets. By focusing on budget and times Lab45 provides careful planning, resource management and face-to-face consultation to ensure all objectives and quality controls are met.

Our CAD-trained engineers will initially meet with key stakeholders to identify specific directions to take to ensure the design meets their goals and business direction. After having these onsite meetings Lab45 engineers will create a step-by-step process with clearly identified areas of responsibility and key timeframes for both Lab45 employees and the clients.

Large-scale factory relocation and machine installation

Lab45 staff can efficiently and reliably dismantle, transport and re-install large and complex plant equipment to new locations anywhere in Australia. We consult with clients and identify their main goals to ensure the relocation is a cost-effective solution. Our plant relocations all adhere to OH&S regulation, including the completion of a hazard checklist, safe work method statements (SWMS), and risk control action plans.

Drainage, pressure and vacuum services

Our technicians have long been the market-leading solutions providers for commercial vacuum systems and drainage and high-pressure systems. We specialise in commercial-grade high-pressure systems, industrial / commercial vacuum systems and state-of-the-art stainless-steel solutions. By adopting a minimalist approach to system design, we strive to reduce operating costs and downtimes for our clients.

General and specialist fabrication

Lab45 manufactures ferrous and non-ferrous pipe and tube fabrication services for bending, cutting, polishing, welding and soldering. We are particularly experienced in advising on design layouts, working burst pressures and tubing tolerances according to temperature.