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Thermal Processing Solutions

AB&CO-TEKNIK specialises in thermal processing solutions for the food and pharma industry.

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PDX sonic unit

AB&CO-TEKNIK specialises in thermal processing solutions for the food and pharma industry. AB&CO-TEKNIK’s engineering group and sales team have 15 years of experience in supplying technology to the food processing industry.

The AB&CO group has an experienced team of engineers ready to combine steam technology or thermal oil heating with process technology for tailor-made turnkey plants.

We have delivered cooking kettles for convenience foods and vacuum dryers for pharmaceuticals, manufactured in stainless steel to high precision, according to good manufacturing practice and validated by HACCP and EHEDG for good hygienic standards.

TT boilers

AB&CO-TEKNIK is an authorised distributor of AB&CO TT boilers. The steam boiler programme is of Danish origin and comprises steam heating systems or hot water heating units for micro breweries and the food processing industry, all manufactured according to PED 97. Available equipment includes:

  • Thermal oil heating systems with FDA recognised thermal oils
  • Steam generators
  • Pure steam / clean steam systems
  • Culinary steam
  • Containerised steam plant – sales or rental
  • Process air heating and dehumidifying equipment
  • Process heating solutions

Commercial electric boilers

AB&CO-TEKNIK has a programme of commercial electric boilers, from 6kW to 1,500kW, with all necessary accessories – on platform. The range includes:

  • Feed water / condensate recovery tanks
  • Water treatment
  • Steam filters
  • Stainless steel bodies
  • Culinary steam electric boilers

Cooking, drying and smoke units

AB&CO-TEKNIK is an authorised distributor for Belgium-based Gernal. We can supply state-of-the-art cooking, drying and smoke units as well as pasteurisers for convenience food dinners or frying tunnels. Gernal has many years of experience with cookers for vegetables, pasta and rice.

Industrial steam cooker

AB&CO-TEKNIK is a distributor of the Olympus Automation programme of:

  • PDX Sonic 25 multi, super sonic cooking equipment
  • PDX Sonic SD dissolver
  • PDX Sonic PM powder mixer
  • Direct steam injection

The PDX Reactor is an advanced industrial steam cooker that heats, mixes and cooks liquid-based food products quickly and efficiently. For example, with the PDX Reactor 1,000kg of tomato sauce can be made in six minutes, whereas it would normally take an hour; the taste is also superior. The advanced mixing means that ingredients are better combined, resulting in a better quality product. Less energy is used and there is no burn on, ensuring further efficiency.

For products with particulates, such as vegetables and meat, the integrity of the product is superior.

Other thermal processing equipment

AB&CO-TEKNIK distributes a variety of other thermal processing equipment for a range of manufacturers, including:

  • Peony Centrifuge – decanters, oil, starch and milk separators
  • CPM – steam filters, sterile filters, vent filters (all stainless steel) and membranes to 3µm
  • Paratherm Corporation – food-grade, NSF, FDA and USDA-certified, non-toxic heat transfer fluids (hot oils, thermal fluids) that provide uniform process temperature control in non-pressurised closed-loop thermal systems from -40ºF to +650ºF (343ºC)
  • Thermigas – tunnel pasteurisers, industrial cookers, blanchers, sterilisers, industrial washers, CIP station tanks, continuous deep fryers, ‘sous-vide’ or ‘under vacuum’ cooking, pig and poultry scalders, production of domestic hot water, production of floor cleaning water, and wort boiling in mini breweries
  • ADCA – steam components, steam mixers with cold water for sanitizing, control valves, pressure reduction valves, pressure sustaining valves, steam traps, shut-off valves, strainers, sight glasses, safety valves, and steam regulating valves
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