bawaco is an industry leader in various areas of aseptic liquid food processing. The company specialises in the construction of simple, safe plants for heating, pasteurisation and sterilisation within the food processing industries. Our solutions cover a broad area of the industry, from the construction of a single pump through to complete aseptic processing lines and plants.


We channel a unique combination of experience and flexibility into the realisation of liquid food processing projects that meet the specific requirements of our customers. Our project capabilities span from a simple milk reception, through to complex aseptic processing lines, or even the construction of an entire dairy.


One of our strongest areas is the fruit processing industry. We utilise 20 years’ experience in this field to install varying forms of system, from a simple fruit cooking tank through to a full aseptic fruit processing unit complete with an automatic batch system.


We recognise that every business is different, and has slightly different requirements, and with this in mind we realise the importance of creating different processing plants for each customer. The processing plant must be designed to fit the product, so we consider all the relevant criteria to design a system to suit our customer’s precise needs.

Our team works closely with each business to develop individual solutions that are fully compliant with international standards, including innovative technology, economical design and optimised costs.

Whether it is reliable service, financial solidity or deadlines, responsible customers do not want to compromise in these areas within the food processing plant industry, and we are a partner they can trust to deliver.


We specialise in the design and construction of aseptic fruit processing plants, pasteurizers and sterilizers to suit customer specifications, the supply of safe processing lines and the building of aseptic milk plants.


Our capabilities in the areas of engineering, automation and complete system solutions include:

  • Aseptic milk units and complete plants
  • Tailored pasteurisers and sterilisers
  • Aseptic fruit preparation
  • Fruit cooking plants
  • Sterile tanks
  • Tailored solutions

bawaco is an engineering company, which enables it to create a full turnkey plant solution, including completed lines and plants, as well as the initial concept, idea and automation. Being an independent company enables us to deliver the best equipment to out customers, especially for control systems and components. This means that we utilise the software, valves and MSR that are best suited to each particular project.