Technical consultancy services

Food Processing Specialists provides technical consultancy, process, and product development to the food processing industry.
The company has more than 30 years’ proven experience and expertise within food technology and development, specialising in low-acid, acid, and acidified foods. We work with all packaging formats, including pouches, trays, cans, and jars.
Food Processing Specialists’ product development services cover a huge range of products, from shelf-stable baby food to shelf-stable meat and seafood products.
The company helps make your idea a reality by undertaking a range of activities, from concept analysis, product development, production trials, and nutritional panels, to hazard analysis and critical control point (HACPP) systems, sourcing the raw ingredients to packaging, servicing the product, organising contract packing, and designing factory layouts.

Consultancy service for packaged foods

Food Processing Specialists provides a consultancy service that covers all aspects of food technology in the manufacturing of packaged foods.
The company helps clients achieve results and provides solutions from product concepts to manufactured products. Services include:

  • Research and development (R&D), including feasibility studies, product development, recipe trials, and product commercialisation
  • Packaging sales and supply
  • Production management such as product and process development and production review and assessment, including third-party auditing
  • Quality assurance (QA) system development and reviews
  • Food safety HACCP system reviews, audits, and advice
  • Retort validation for thermal processing, including process validation and process filing with Australian, New Zealand, and US Food and Drug Development (FDA) regulators
  • Training to facilitate the professional development of a diverse range of individuals
  • Auditing, validation, and verification activities
  • Organise contract packaging
  • Design and engineer new factory layouts and validate new equipment and processes

Food product and process development services

Food Processing Specialists conducts benchtop trials simulating a full production process for evaluation, including the retort process. The firm produces between ten and 10,000 units, depending on the trial requirements. All trials are conducted by a qualified product development team, thermal processing engineers, and backed up with technical expertise gained from years of hands-on experience.
Food Processing Specialists’ product development services cover a huge range of products, from shelf-stable baby food to shelf-stable meat, seafood, and vegetables, as well as ready meals, soups, and drinks.
The company is also able to provide extended shelf life to refrigerated products using specific heat treatments, hurdle technology, and applied microbiology. It also applies these skills to chilled and frozen products production systems.
Food Processing Specialists has commercialised numerous products in a range of packaging formats over the last 20 years.

Packaging sales and supplies

Food Processing Specialists is an agent for packaging, organising flexible packaging at a competitive price. It has direct experience in handling film, pouch, and aseptically sealed bags, ensuring that packaging materials and structures meet commercialised product requirements without compromising product quality, functionality, or consumer expectations.

Designing production systems and QA

The company designs food safety systems, trains staff, validates installations, and verifies new plants and processes.
Food Processing Specialists’ services include all food safety HACCP and QA development, developing customised food safety and quality plans to meet clients’ requirements.
Whether preparing for an audit or dealing with the outcomes, Food Processing Specialist can work with you to determine what gaps may exist in your current systems and how to fix any resulting corrective action requests.

Thermal processing specialists

Food Processing Specialists is a recognised process authority in Australia, New Zealand, and internationally. It regularly conducts retort validation and process evaluations on a range of retorts, with cookers using the latest thermal validation equipment.
The company is highly regarded for trouble shooting and resolving problematic or difficult retorting and processing applications.

Retort supervisors and process control school

Food Processing Specialists delivers dedicated retort supervisors and process control courses that are designed to further develop the skills of advanced-level processing operators and retort operators. These courses are delivered on-site or at nominated training venues in New Zealand and Australia. Other workplace-specific training is available on request.

Contact packing service

Food Processing Specialists offers a seamless contact packing service with one of its seven contract packing clients located in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific.
The company brings an intimate knowledge of its contract packing clients to the concept and product development stage to ensure commercial reality is given due attention.

Design and layouts for food manufacturing plants

From Food Processing Specialists’ extensive experience in all facets of food manufacturing, the company and its industry colleagues offer clients a true turn-key solution to your process facility needs.
The firm has engineering and electrical specialists that provide high-level expertise in designing factories, equipment selection, process line design, and plant layout. As part of the company’s role, Food Processing Specialists can hand over a fully validated production line with all the required reports and hands-on training provided to the required standards and legislation.