Hipex specialises in the design and manufacture of heat exchangers and heat exchanger systems for the food processing industry.

Heat exchanger systems for the food sector

Hipex offers an extensive range of standard units and custom-designed heat exchangers. They are available as single units or part of a complete processing package such as pasteurisers, ultra-high temperature (UHT) systems, clean-in-place (CIP) sets, batch systems and other complete systems.

Tubular heat exchangers

Hipex provides a wide range of tubular heat exchangers for heating and cooling in the food processing industry. These include CIP heaters, direct refrigeration coolers and ammonia evaporators and many more. These can be manufactured from various materials such as stainless-steel, duplex alloys, high-nickel alloys and titanium, many of which we keep in stock to reduce delivery times.

Corrugated and twisted tubes

All Hipex heat exchangers employ tubing that has been specially formed to improve film coefficients, minimise pressure drop and enhance cleaning performance. A wide variety of tube forms are employed, including the Mixchanger and Twistagator, depending on the product, flow rate and pressure requirements.

Pasteurisers for food processes

Hipex manufactures an extensive range of pasteurisers for a wide variety of products and processes. From a standard milk pasteuriser to a pulpy fruit juice hot fill system to a high temperature pasteuriser to suit a fruit puree or fruit paste, Hipex can design systems to suit specific demands. These can be designed to customer’s needs and include homogenisers, piston pumps, centrifugal pumps, valves, instrumentation and automation.

UHT systems for milk and fruit juices

Hipex builds UHT Systems and Aseptic Systems for a vast range of products. These are as diverse as systems for UHT milk, aseptic fruit juice, tomato paste and yoghurt fruit processing systems. These can be supplied as single heat exchangers or as a complete, fully automated, skid-mounted process.

Process design

Hipex has vast experience in processing difficult to handle and process food products. From Fruit Pastes and Purees to Milk Concentrates and Dairy Desserts, the company offers a wealth of experience.
The company has a well-resourced R&D facility, and this together with extensive processing experience means customers can develop entirely new processes for the production of new and unique products.

Automation services

The company’s automation department has extensive experience in the design, construction, programming and commissioning of many different types of Automation Systems in a variety of levels of complexity. From relay logic to PLC’s with SCADA Hipex have the experience to ensure a trouble free commissioning whilst achieving your aims.