Hydro-Thermal manufactures three-way steam injection valve systems that cook or heat process fluids. Our Smart Cooking Systems™ and Infuze Heaters™ are used in industries such as food, beverage, pet food and animal protein.

Our team of cutting-edge process engineering experts design systems that cook a wide range of process fluids, from high solid slurries to water-like soups and sauces, precisely to each customer’s requirements. Additional systems are designed to heat water for plant-wide central hot water, CIP, pasteurization, and sanitary water applications.

Sanitary 3A certified heaters

Our industrial and sanitary 3A certified heaters process liquids of all consistencies with exceptional uptime and minimum maintenance in comparison with sparging and heat exchanges. Hydro-Thermal’s equipment is designed and manufactured in-house to exacting standards such as ISO 9001:2008, CRN, CE and ASME B31.1 piping, and is ASME B31.3 welding certified.

Steam heater systems

Each product is equipped with smart technology systems that enable Hydro-Thermal customers to achieve and maintain precise temperatures, dramatic energy and cost savings, and reduced water usage. Furthermore, the consistent heating and seamless mixing ensures, and sometimes even improves, product quality. These benefits are maximized when plant managers and process engineers choose to replace heat exchangers or sparging units with Hydro-Thermal’s innovative steam heater systems.

With over 80 years in product innovation, Hydro-Thermal serves industrial and manufacturing companies around the world. We have a team of experts in starch processing and food scientists who are supported by a team of 70 employees. When you combine our innovation and strength of our team, Hydro-Thermal is able to meet every customer’s unique process requirements.

Complete cooking and pasteurizing skids

Hydro-Thermal is launching a new Smart Cooking System™ powered by Infuze Heaters™, which provide intelligent, programmable recipe heating and cooking for chef- or recipe-driven companies.

Most food or beverage processing requires batch cooking processes, requiring larger kettles; this process leads to production bottlenecks. Large kettle or batch cooking requires time to bring water and ingredients up to temperature and cannot match the rapid filling process.

As a result, Hydro-Thermal’s Smart Cooking System is a complete cooking and pasteurizing skid that accurately cooks, mixes and pasteurizes products ranging from baby food formula to thick barbecue sauces. Since the cooking skid replaces large kettles or batch-style cooking, customers can eliminate bottlenecks, increase production and rapidly change over recipes.

Self-cleaning smart cooking system

The Infuze Heaters utilize a straight-through design, precisely heating the food or beverage evenly and without any hot or cold spots. The heaters have a programmable sheer control which provides specific control to ensure the recipe is prepared exactly to each customer’s taste standards.

Additional benefits include reducing the amount of floor space required, eliminating product burn-on and preserving or enhancing taste, texture and color. Lastly, from a maintenance and support point of view, the Smart Cooking System is self cleaning, eliminating fouling or scorching of the product. The system is 3A certified and is simply cleaned by using a customer’s existing CIP process.

Contact Hydro-Thermal to explore how this new, innovative and recipe-specific Smart Cooking System can increase production, ensure or enhance flavor and taste, and allow for fast recipe change over.