Spirax Sarco offers an extensive range of efficient steam and related industrial fluid solutions that reduce energy costs, improve product quality and increase throughput for food processing applications.
The global company has the expertise, resources, products and services to help you improve plant performance and meet environmental goals, whether this involves the designing, installation and commissioning of new steam facilities or the optimisation, upgrade and maintenance of existing ones.

Boiler house monitors for enhancing efficiency and reducing energy bills

Limited means of energy monitoring in boiler houses can lead to limited knowledge of overall boiler house performance. Many facilities are often unaware of where energy losses could be identified.
A boiler house energy monitor such as the B850 provides a compact solution to gather the important data.
It accurately monitors the boiler’s efficiency by calculating and displaying energy transfer efficiency from fuel to steam, potential energy losses from TDS and bottom blowdown applications, energy recovery from condensate return, fuel flow and steam and feedwater flow and pressure.
Operating managers will be able to review boiler efficiency against past performance and can have the unit either wall or panel mounted.

Process control valves for improving process control

The considered selection of a control valve, coupled with a strong maintenance strategy, can make a real difference to product delivery, process uptime, compliance and efficiency.
Spira-trol™ is a range of two-port single seat globe control valves with cage retained seats conforming to EN and ASME standards. Available in sizes ranging from 0.5in to 12in, the valves provide characterised modulating or on/off control when used in conjunction with a pneumatic or electric linear actuator.

Clean steam solutions for food processing applications

Steam is the most energy-efficient, reliable and flexible way to transfer heat for many food operations. It is routinely used in direct contact with food products, raising quality or even food safety issues if the correct standard of steam is not used.
From clean steam generators and filters to separators, traps and air vents, Spirax Sarco offers an advanced range of clean steam solutions ideal for sterile food production environments.

Energy-efficient heat exchangers with control system technology

With a Spirax Sarco heat exchange solution, large volumes of water can be accurately heated using safe, sterile methods.
The Spirax EasiHeat™ is a complete, compact and energy-efficient heat transfer solution that delivers a constant supply of instantaneous hot water at a stable temperature on demand. It can cope with sudden and wide load changes.
EasiHeat™ is now offered with incorporated Spirax Intelligent Monitoring System (SIMS) technology. The innovative control system provides valuable energy management and system performance data via a 7in touchscreen, allowing operators to further optimise their steam systems.
The unit is compact and pre-assembled, enabling quick and simple installation, with speedy commissioning and minimum downtime.

About Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco offers products for every part of your steam system, including boiler controls and systems, clean steam solutions, compressed air products, condensate and heat recovery systems. Other solutions include control systems, flowmetering, heat transfer products, humidification products, isolation valves, pipeline ancillaries and steam traps.
Headquartered in Cheltenham, UK, the company operates 62 offices in almost every part of the world. Spirax Sarco’s team of 1,200+ steam experts are the perfect partner to help your business cut emissions, energy waste and water use, as well as boost productivity and reliability, drive operational reliability and lower overall costs.