Brunel provides customers with high-quality recruitment services by bringing together specialists in the life sciences, as well as energy, renewables, offshore, automotive, mining and infrastructure sectors. Through the Brunel international community, the company promises quality of service with a focus on finding the right people for the job.

The key to revolutionising life science industries such as food production is understanding the needs of the specific industry and finding the right workforce to supply solutions to challenges and requirements.

With a presence in more than 40 countries, Brunel offers pioneering specialists with a wide range of expertise in the life science sector that can increase performance and guarantee success.

Leading recruitment solutions for the food industry

In the food industry, it is important to deliver projects on time and cost-effectively, so Brunel aims to address key issues such as growing digitisation, up-to-date and continuous research, supply chain management and more.

This is accomplished through a carefully interconnected network of chemists, food scientists, microbiologists, lab managers, nutritionists, and regulatory and quality control specialists, as well as quality assurance managers and flavour scientists that help accelerate the research and production process.

The key to Brunel’s success is communication and customisation as its recruitment services are tailored to fit the specifications of each client and project. Our workforce is ready to enhance the performance of your business in sectors such as the food industry, where updated research and development are crucial, and digitisation requires expertise so that the processes run smoothly, sustainably, responsibly and with no waste of time or cost.

We have a global presence so local customs, practices and regulations are taken into consideration for the services we provide.

Workforce customisation and expertise for food projects

Whether it is related to processing, safety and technology in the food industry, Brunel aims to provide experienced and skilled specialists for the job, with an in-depth knowledge of the field’s challenges and requirements.

Food projects focus on bringing innovation and customisation to the industry and therefore require top-tier expertise in researching and managing workload from design to supply chain and automation.

The Brunel team comprises a wide range of professionals from chemists to quality control specialists that help the customer’s food projects become even more sustainable, reduce giveaway, comply with health and safety standards, and adopt pioneering solutions that increase performance, quality, and quantity, all the while using state-of-the-art equipment with a dedicated team that always supports the customer. Our focus is on the client and their individual requirements for their food projects – having a work ethic based on people and communication is Brunel’s priority and helps place customisation of recruitment at the core of our business.

Brunel provides a range of services, including:

  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Contracting and secondment
  • Talent acquisition and campus recruitment
  • Training on technical specifications
  • Permanent recruitment and career opportunities
  • Industry training
  • Project installation and support
  • Project management
  • Health and safety
  • Logistics, global mobility, and support

About Brunel

Since 1975 and with more than 100 offices and more than 12,000 specialists around the world, Brunel supplies workforce services that responsibly change projects globally in a variety of sectors such as life sciences, renewables, medical and mining.

At the centre of Brunel’s work ethic is connecting customers to the right professionals for their pioneering projects, therefore contributing significantly to the way these projects revolutionise the industries worldwide.