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Market Research and Data for the Beverage Industry

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Canadean has long held a reputation with FMCG companies for providing specialist business information by conducting detailed industry and consumer research, supported by insightful value-added analysis. We cover the entire spectrum of the consumer value chain from suppliers, brand owners, and distribution channels to consumer insight.

By researching markets in a holistic way, Canadean’s research methodology enables clients to make informed strategic decisions that are founded on robust and reliable data and market insights. We specialise in online survey panels, qualitative and quantitative in-country research, industry analysis and consultancy.

Canadean’s dedicated in-country researchers and analysts have an industry background in marketing, market research, consulting and advanced statistical expertise. They are well positioned in the industries themselves and therefore, best placed to ask the right questions of the right people. This network of professional researchers stretches across more than 80 countries, enabling Canadean to conduct unique research via our trusted business communities.

Beverage industry market research data

Canadean produces a full range of market research data on the beverage industry. Key products include:

  • Over 240 annual and quarterly reports as part of our five beverage services
  • All commercial beverages
  • Soft drinks
  • Packaging
  • Beer
  • Dairy drinks
  • Over 500 market research reports and report sections listed in our online shop
  • Interactive Intelligence – our new online report access tool
  • Wisdom – our online subscription database

Custom beverage data solutions

  • Bespoke projects
  • Database management
  • Long-range forecasting
  • Client presentations
  • Beverage workshops
  • Bespoke database solutions
  • Industry presentations
  • Industry referrals and claims

Wisdom online subscription beverage database

Wisdom is Canadean’s online subscription database which enables clients to log in and access their data direct from our website. Wisdom contains well over 1 million data points, and its main function is to provide data to clients exactly how and when they want it – unrestricted by set table formats.

Buy only data that you need – and view that data in Wisdom. It is not necessary to buy into a complete database. For example, data can be bought by:

  • Country or region
  • Type of beverage
  • Years (historical or forecast)
  • Brand
  • Company
  • Packaging
  • Distribution channel

Example Wisdom beverage database reports

  • Per capita beer consumption in Europe for 1999-2009
  • Juice sales by volume in the USA by company and brand for 2009
  • Bottled water sales by volume in China by pack material, type and size, forecasted for 2009-2014
  • Sports drinks sales by volume in Brazil by flavour for 2008 and 2009

Delivery of data in Wisdom is done via the web on a subscription basis through a log-on and password.

Prices for a single line of data extracted from Wisdom start at just £50. Prices for subscriptions to Wisdom depend on the quantity and detail level of data purchased.

Interactive Intelligence

Our new online service, Interactive Intelligence allows clients to access their PDF reports faster and with greater flexibility.

Powerful one click tools provide a range of additional features, including:

  • Full searchability – fast and powerful search across the full text of all reports subscribed to, without the need to open individual PDFs
  • Presentation-ready tables and graphics – just select and copy into your own documents
  • Cut your own report – create your own bespoke reports by selecting only sections relevant to your needs
  • Nine language translation tool – with split-screen technology, view any report side-by-side with an online generated translation

Access to Interactive Intelligence is done via the web on a subscription basis and is designed to complement Wisdom.

White Papers

  • The Future of the Fish and Seafood Market in Italy to 2016

    This report is the result of Canadean's extensive market research covering fish and seafood consumption in Italy. It provides detailed segmentation of historic and future fish and seafood consumption, covering key categories and segments.

  • The Future of Foodservice in the US to 2016

    In 2011, the US foodservice market valued US$574,871.8m. Prior to this, a contraction in the US economy and subsequent reduction in demand led to a -2.1% decline in the US foodservice industry in 2009, however the sector experienced growth in 2010.

  • The Future of Foodservice in the Netherlands to 2016

    In 2011, the Dutch foodservice market was estimated to value €19,275.4m. The Dutch foodservice market is anticipated to demonstrate growth between 2011 and 2016, as a result of the increase in disposable incomes and the increase in the number of single-person households in the country.

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