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Business Improvement Consultant and Training for Food Manufacturers

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Corporate Partners is a business transformation consultant and registered training organisation that specialises in helping food manufacturing businesses to improve profitability and productivity.
The company’s business improvement diagnostic service programmes provide measurable outcomes and show a return on investment (ROI) within a year. Corporate Partners takes a holistic look at your business to uncover the barriers to success and quickly train staff on how to resolve them. It also identifies where profits are lost and where margins could be improved.
Corporate Partners has been transforming businesses for more than a decade and has helped many companies to improve their profitability and costs. It is a lean manufacturing consultant and utilises a number of proven business tools such as lean manufacturing to deliver the savings and sustainable improvements that companies like yours need to stay ahead of the competition.

Competitive systems and practices training for food manufacturers

Corporate Partners’ training organisation is registered by the Australian Skills Authority (ASQA), which demonstrates that its qualified instructors can deliver accredited training in competitive systems and practices. Other available training includes problem solving, visual management and process improvement.
Its clients see improved efficiency, employee engagement, cost reductions and can deliver savings in workers compensation premiums, and supporting company safety programs.
Corporate Partners offers mentoring and coaching services to ensure that new skills are learned and that change is embraced and sustained in the long term. This approach ensures that new skills are learned and that change is embraced and sustained in the long term.

Business improvement consulting

Corporate Partners business improvement services span the full breadth of a business. It takes a holistic look at the organisation and optimises organisational structure for success.
The company then utilises its innovative business improvement diagnostic service tools to perform a detailed analysis of the issues that are impeding growth and work with you to implement corrective measures.

Lean manufacturing consultant

Corporate Partners is a lean manufacturing consultant and its expert team is trained to implement best practice processes in the food manufacturing sector in order to maximise profitability, increase competitiveness and minimise waste.

Specialised workforce development and training – problem solving and visual management

Corporate Partners’ problem solving training programme provides a variety of powerful tools to resolve issues.
Effective problem solving skills are critical to every job in the manufacturing industry, yet most employees have never been formally trained on how to find practical and creative solutions to the problems they face at work. This means that enormous amounts of time are wasted when problems continue to occur and mistakes are made.

Visual management training programme

Corporate Partners’ visual management training streamlines communication across an organisation and ensures the workforce is aligned with company goals.
The company provides customised training programmes that increase productivity, profitability and on-time delivery, while reducing defects and waste

Process improvement training

Corporate Partners is a process improvement consultant meeting an on-going need in the food manufacturing sector to do more with less.
As a process improvement consulting specialist, the company provides training to deliver more efficient resource utilisation, waste minimisation and accelerated time-to-market. The training programme will teach your staff the tools and skills they need to perform on-going process improvement throughout your organisation.

About Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners has developed an enviable reputation for delivering impressive results for its clients nationally. Its clients regularly comment on how refreshing it is to see a business improvement consultant that actively engages with its employees.
To help cover the costs of its programmes, Corporate Partners is able to assist you to apply for government subsidies. In many cases, the company is able to deliver programmes at significantly reduced costs.
If you would like to discuss how Corporate Partners can help your business, please complete the enquiry box on the right of this page and the company will be in touch soon.

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Corporate Partners Pty Ltd
Level 1, Menai Market Place
152 Allison Crescent
Menai NSW 2234